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Xiaomi presents a product for the care of our face

Xiaomi presents a product for the care of our face, and it is the Xiaomi InFace Sonic Clean

For a long time, it was thought that having a good-looking physical appearance was something that belonged to women, being they who spent a large amount of money on beauty productscosmetics and gadgets to help in the daily operations of “restoration”. However, in recent times, it has been possible to see a greater number of menbeing more careful with their appearance, either with creamssoaps and much more. So, why not create a product that can be used by both men and women? As always, our beloved Chinese company, Xiaomi, has just launched on its crowdfunding platform a product specialized in this, in facial care, which is called Xiaomi InFace Sonic Clean.


Xiaomi InFace Sonic Clean

This is a facial cleaning device with sonic technology, being equipped with three different cleaning certifications and IPX7. Regarding its price, it was launched on the Chinese market with a price of 89 Yuan, approximately 50AED, and will start being sent to other countries in the world on July 28.


Some specifications on this new Xiaomi product

With a size equal to 80 x 53 x 30.4 mm and weighing 83 grams, the Xiaomi InFace Sonic Clean looks like a small bar of soap that is available in four colors, including orangegrayapple green and pink, plus it comes with a special case to store the product when it is not in use.

On the other hand, this small device has a battery with a capacity of 300mAh, which manages to provide the user with a continuous use between 3 and 4 hours, thus being able to ensure a very optimal facial cleaning. Finally, this product can be charged using the cable supplied with a patented connection.

It provides great benefits to the skin of our face

It is worth saying that a clean skin is not only a benefit for beauty in general, but also integral health, because the skin that is able to breathe freely will be less prone to age prematurely, and with the new Xiaomi InFace Sonic Clean, the action of cleaning our face is going to be much easier, besides saving important things like time and money.

The small motor that powers the cleaning bristles of this product is produced by Seiko, while a small MCU processor sets the energy that will be dispensed through sonic waves, effectively reducing the pressure that may be on the skin. The material used in the entire casing and the bristle itself is a food grade silicone with a thickness of 4.5 mm and FDA certification.

It comes to us with three areas dedicated to cleaning

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, this product is suitable for both male and female audiences, because it eliminates the excess of makeupcreamsoils and natural oils that the skin generates. With respect to its structure, it has three areas dedicated to the cleaning of the face, each one with different size bristles, in addition to addressing certain areas of the face adapting to the natural direction of the pores, perform the massage functionmuscular.

The use of sonic wave technology, in combination with vibration, allows a precise cleaning to the skin substrate, thus avoiding the enlarged pores. Finally, only 90 seconds will be enough time to obtain results worthy of the best beautician thanks to refreshing the face and, why not, give a good mood to face a long day of work.

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