Women drivers are better than men in Dubai

women drivers in dubai

Heard of the myth that says women are worse drivers? Well, it’s not true anymore. Not in Dubai at least. A new study by Dubai Police suggests that women drivers of Dubai are responsible for fewer car accidents in 2019. This way, women are the winners in driving race of this year by only recording 9.4% of all accidents.

The number of fatal accidents by women drivers in Dubai has decreased by 66 percent from last year and that’s incredible. In 2019, female drivers only caused 91 traffic accidents that caused a total of 129 injuries and 3 deaths. Comparing this year’s statics to 120 reported accidents of 2018 which resulted in 182 injuries and 9 deaths, it shows promising improvements.

In terms of car accidents leading to death, female drivers are responsible for only 3.2 percent of fatal traffic accidents. That means despite the regular belief against women, men are definitely more dangerous when they step inside a car.

But it’s not just the women who made improvements. The total number of accidents has actually fallen down drastically 24.1 percent from 4895 serious car accidents in 2014 to 3712 in 2018. That’s how UAE achieves one of the safest traffic in the world. It’s expected that fatal accidents will be reduced to 3 of 100,000 accidents by 2021 and hopefully, we won’t see any car accidents leading to someone’s death in the years to come.


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