Who Can be called a Good Friend?

Finding a good friend is always difficult, but knowing whether a friend is a good one is harder, but knowing the characteristics of him helps us to find a real friend.

good friends are like jewels


Loyalty is a main and vital factor in friendship or any other relationship. A good friend is always loyal to his/her friend. Being loyal means not paying attention to the rumors and us to words that are spoken about your friend and avoiding rumors or ugly speeches about them. Though good friends sometimes get annoyed and angry with each other, they never back bight about each other.


Forgiveness and generosity are of the characteristics of a good friend. A generous person even has the slightest fortune and ability, is willing to do whatever he/she can. It is the sign of a person who is worthy of friendship, as this moral attribute indicates that he/she has a generous mind and heart.

good friend


The real friend is the one who listens to us and tries to understand us. A good friend, when he does not realize or understands something, will ask for that subject to understand it completely.


A good friend is always honest and tells the truth even if it’s annoying. A good friend for making you feel better does not lie to youis harder, he/she will tell you the truth and advise you. For instance, if a cloth is not suitable for you, a good friend will tell you kindly: “It’s not very good, I think this one is better.”

Understanding the Varieties

Good friends do not expect you is harder. Instead, when you have various opinions and do not agree with it, then he/she will respect your opinion. It makes your relationships more engaging since good friends can share their own opinions about various topics.


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