Where to buy Halloween costumes in Dubai

Halloween costumes in Dubai

As Halloween’s approaching, everyone’s preparing him/herself for the party. But one thing stands above all about this tradition, Costumes. Probably most of you already have decided what you’re going to wear for the celebration, but those who are still unsure about your choice don’t worry. There’s still time and we’re here to help you to find the best Halloween costumes in Dubai in no time.

There are 3 days left for the dress-up party and you can show up in any dress and there will be no judgment! Here are some online and in-store options to take a look at.


Mystique Costumes

Mystique Costumes in Dubai

It’s been the most favorite store for Halloween-related items in Dubai for many years. A full range of options is available in Mystique Costumes, from Harry potter to Vampires and Cartoon characters, etc. it’s a complete Halloween world for anyone with any style. Many people believe it’s the best Halloween costume store in Dubai. There are also some new customers introduced to complete the collection. But if you want the best Halloween costumes in Dubai, you have to pay a little higher.

Location: Umm Suqeim St., Al Barsha 2, opens daily 10 am to 10 pm



amazon halloween costumes in dubai

Amazon is now fully launched in the U.A.E and that means you can buy whatever you want from Amazon including colorful and different stylish Halloween costumes. Well, it’s Amazon we’re talking about, meaning you can find everything there and not only Halloween costumes. The only thing you need to do is typing in the search bar. Prepare yourself for lower than usual prices on the website!


My Party Centre

my party center online shop

Party Center has the option for Online and in-store shopping. It’s a big shop with all kinds of Halloween goodies. So don’t worry. You will find your best suit Halloween costume in there.

Location: Business Central Towers, Media City


Creative Minds

creative minds halloween costumes in dubai

Creative Minds is a huge retail store where you can find everything you want for decoration and Halloween costume design. Creative Minds has several stores in Dubai and it’s the best place to buy different items like art, party, teaching, etc., too.

Location: Umm Suqeim St., Al Barsha 2


Mr. Bens Costume Closet

mr bens' costume

This is one of the best places to get quirky and cool costumes in Dubai. They also offer costumes rentals which can be a great idea to save some money. This way you can have different Halloween costumes every year without spending much.

Location: Al Ghazal Mall, 2nd December St / Al Wasl Junction



Sprii website

Sprii is one of the best Halloween stores, especially for kids. Sprii probably makes picking up costumes for kids much easier by providing online shopping.


Party Zone

party zone halloween costumes in daubi

Despite the name of the store Party Zone, it’s not just about party supplies. All kinds of Halloween costumes are available at this store in Dubai Mall. So if you happen to have a plan for visiting the mall these days, don’t forget Party Zone.

Location: The Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai 



Mumzworld dubai

It’s such a comfort to know there are online Halloween costume stores just like Mumzworld to take care of the celebration’s preparation when you don’t have much time left. This website is specialized for moms with kids who live in the UAE to provide their needs. Just go to the Halloween section and explore your choices.


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