What is self-confidence?


Most people do not fully understand the true meaning of the word “self-confidence” … that is why they do not experience the kind of self-confidence and self-confidence that is desirable in life because they think self-confidence It means believing and trusting in the success they achieve in work. If true self-confidence is to have some kind of confidence in our ability to do something before we succeed.

Self-confidence means seeing yourself as capable, competent, lovable and unique.

In other words, self-confidence means the feeling and knowledge that you have of your external and internal abilities and limitations. So when you build confidence and self-esteem based on who you really are and not on your successes and achievements or failures, you create something in yourself that no one and nothing can achieve. Now, according to the above concepts, it can be said that real self-confidence is always produced inside you, not from outside. True self-confidence is born of your commitment to yourself. The commitment is that you will do whatever it takes to meet your wants and needs.

Confidence is your personal belief in your own soul as a human being.

True self-confidence is not about being afraid. It is to know and be sure even though you are afraid; But you will definitely take action.


Types of confidence

There are many types of self-confidence, and you need all kinds of self-confidence in order to gain the personal authority you deserve and the satisfaction and richness you deserve.

  1. Behavioral confidence:

Behavioral self-confidence means the ability to act and do things. From simple tasks to hard tasks like fulfilling your dreams. This is the kind of self-confidence that most of us want.

  1. Emotional confidence:

Emotional self-confidence means the ability to dominate and control the world of feelings and emotions. Knowing what your feelings are, understanding their meaning, and being able to make emotional choices, protect yourself from emotional pain, and emotional damage, and know how to build healthy, intimate relationships.

  1. Spiritual confidence:

The third type of self-confidence, which is the most important of them, is spiritual self-confidence. This kind of self-confidence is the same as your confidence and belief in the universe and the whole of creation and beings. It is a spiritual faith that will lead to a life, a purpose, and a positive end, and you are here for a purpose, and your decades of life on this planet pursues a purpose.

Self-confidence is believing that you can and have the ability to do your best and change the circumstances of life as you wish.

How to build self-confidence?

Accept the first principle of the past and transform the future.

You should know that the past cannot be changed but the future has not been created yet. The future is nothing but your thoughts and the effort to create them. We mean not to be in the past, not to learn from past experiences, mistakes and failures. So you have to look at the past wisely and spend your thoughts and time on something that you can create and transform.

Principle 2 Talk to yourself about your goals.

Set goals into specific sentences and tell yourself that they are positive sentences. Goals must be real and reasonable, not ambitious that cannot be achieved, nor trivial that are not worth the effort. Set reasonable goals for each hour, day, week and month. Succeeding at short goals encourages you to achieve long goals and motivates you to strive. Always remember goals to become part of your subconscious mind.

Practice the third principle of decision making.

Psychologists have shown that children who are encouraged to make their own decisions in the early years of life have higher self-esteem than other children who have not. Practicing decision-making will help you gain more confidence in your judgment and thus gain more complete self-confidence. It is important to make a decision. Remember that:

Correct judgment is the result of experience, and experience itself is the result of several incorrect judgments.

So seize every opportunity to make that decision and cultivate that power. Decisions require risk-taking and a sense of responsibility.

Principle 4 Visualize the results you want.

Have a clear picture of what you want to achieve. This will focus your energy on that goal. This visual encounter with all the ideals and goals is useful for you and helps you to gradually provide the grounds for achieving them.

If you want to get rid of the ugly trait you have, imagine yourself in a state where that trait has no effect on you. The same image and repeating it and doing corrective exercises, will help you get rid of that unpleasant trait. This is not a featureless fantasy, but an accepted psychological reality that has helped many people.

Principle 5 Become an expert in some areas.

Public awareness is an individual and social requirement, but it is not enough. To thrive in your personal and professional life, you must be an expert in unique areas. The fact that you know something and others do not know gives you confidence. You must accept continuing education as a principle in your life.

True self-confidence is what affects our consciousness and our abilities.

True self-confidence has nothing to do with what happens outside of your life.

True self-confidence is not born of your job. True self-confidence is the result of your heartfelt and inner belief in your abilities and capabilities. The belief that you can do whatever you want.

If you want to wait until you have enough confidence to pursue your dreams, you may have to wait forever.

True self-confidence is not to be afraid. True self-confidence is to know and be sure that even though you are afraid, you will surely take action.

Self-confidence or self-belief is never the same as pride, selfishness and self-aggrandizement. Confidence means believing in yourself. Pride and selfishness is trying to prove to others that you are better and superior to them.

True self-confidence is about feeling confident in all three of these areas: behavioral, emotional, and spiritual. So that in addition to feeling personal authority, you also enjoy good balance and fit in life.

Remember: The most important thing in developing behavioral self-confidence is action. The more confident you are that you will not stop walking, the more your self-confidence will increase.

Remember: Emotional self-confidence is not something you produce outside of yourself. You can only create emotional confidence within yourself. The more you connect with others and people and respect your inner self, the more emotional self-confidence you will have and the more authoritatively you will communicate with others.

It can be said that spiritual self-confidence is ultimately a sense of inner peace and tranquility. Spiritual self-confidence will water your heart and fill your soul and show you. Spiritual self-confidence allows you to realize and trust that wherever you are, it is where you need to be. Be where you need to be.

The last word

Know that everything you need to be able to make your dreams come true in life is now yours.

Any lack or lack of self-confidence that you feel in yourself is just an illusion. You are a glorious, flawless creature, a kind and intelligent creator. You are more powerful than you think.

The more you love yourself and enjoy your life more, the more you honor your Creator and praise his greatness.

Trust builds confidence

Faith is one of the most essential needs of human life, without which life and survival will not be possible, because it leads man to the path of life, that is, trust and confidence in God, when trust is implemented in the soul and psyche of man and he consciously entrusted the complete faith of the affairs of his life to the Almighty and Merciful God, in these circumstances he will feel a strong self-confidence and from here it will be discovered from his success, so self-confidence is the beautiful birth of trusting in God.

The only factor that creates self-confidence is the theism that we see in believing people, and if the human race enters this calm, pleasant and beautiful space by recognizing its main need, it will undoubtedly feel full confidence in itself because it gives the giver. He finds and relies on him with deep love and affection, and this important secret has been revealed by the prophets, especially the infallible Imams, to human beings, and the way to achieve it has been well clarified.


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