The most weird internet challenge

weirdest internet challenges

Anyone who spends a little time on the internet will inevitably encounter some weird videos of people doing crazy things. The internet can be so useful and so crazy at the same time. It’s a weird world where everyone can film themselves doing whatever you can possibly think of. And the fact is, the weirder it gets, the more popular that video will be. That’s why it’s not a good idea to spend lots of time on the internet. From disturbingly pornographic contents to cruel and severe behaviors caught on camera and brutal footage of harsh accidents, all can be found within minutes of searching! Everything gets worse when you understand that some of them are internet challenges! But, as long as you can those people wandering around watch, share and like these kinds of videos, it continues to grow bigger. If you think swallowing a pepper is a the craziest internet challenge, you should check our list! Here there are some of the craziest internet challenges that still exist or were in the heat some years ago.


Naked butt

naked butt internet challenge

It’s not that weird since it was kind of a trend for many years secretly! Until Kim Kardashian changed it. She changes one thing. It wasn’t a secret anymore! Anyway, not so many years ago people started taking photos of beautiful landscapes with somebody’s butt right in the middle of the picture. It’s not understandable why these fine pictures should be ruined through someone’s butt and be considered some kind of art. But it became a trend and continued living to this day.


100 layers internet challenge

100 layers challenge

This was a challenge between beauty and fashion lovers. As the name itself suggests, the challenge was to put on 100 layers of makeup or other things. Lipstick, false eyelash, t-shirt, nail polishing, etc. it’s not an easy internet challenge because you have to film every 100 layers. It’s not on fire anymore but some still tend to do this challenge to attract more viewers probably.


Hot water

hot water internet challenge

Believe it or not, it was a real challenge one day! It sure is challenging to pour hot water on yourself for no reason! Before this challenge one would think burning from hot boiled water is a bad thing but it turned out to be good in some way, for some people. Almost a year ago, people started to pour hot water on themselves, or other people or drink it with a straw while filming. Although the act was shocking in some way, the result wasn’t. Burning bodies and hospitalization is the least you could expect! It’s just as stupid as it seems and we can’t find any explanation for it.


Collarbone challenge


The weird and ridiculous challenge includes putting rows of coins in the groove of the collarbone. In theory, the thinner you are, the deeper this groove becomes. So it’s kind of a “who’s skinnier” challenge. One of the most popular images of collarbone challenge belongs to the chances actress, Live Jiarong who apparently managed to put 80 coins!


Salt and ice challenge

ice and salt challenge

Salt and ice was an internet challenge since 2012. The challenge itself is pretty simple. Pour some salt on your skin and then put some ice on it to watch it burn badly! Science suggests this can make the ice to reach much lower temperature, like around minus 18 degree centigrade (0 Fahrenheit). The result would be second or even third-degree burns. No need to mention that it’s not a healthy challenge!


Furry nails

fury nails

While we’re shaving most of the hairs of our body, some people think about adding some in not very usual areas! The only thing that can explain this internet challenge is fashion and beauty! Even though most people don’t consider it beautiful! This challenge was popular about a year ago. So, fortunately, you’re not going to see many people with furry nails. At least it wasn’t as dangerous and stupid as most of the challenges in this list.


Condom Snorting ?!

condom snorting challenge

Ok, let’s get weird again. Apparently, some people need education on putting Condoms to actual use. You know, unwanted pregnancy, Aids, etc. why would anyone snort condom from the nose and take it out from mouth?! It’s the proof for which power you have? Except for the power of putting yourself in incredible risk?! First of all, there’s always a chance that you actually choke yourself and die (and the reason for death would be really lame!). Secondly, there’s the risk of infection because something not very clean got through your nose and mouth?!


Parent shaming, a very wrong internet challenge

parent shaming

We all had arguments with our parents and perhaps we learned some arguments are meant to be just between us. Well, that’s not what this challenge is teaching kids. In this challenge people force their parents through complaining, to do what they want. Wonder it should be called new bullying. But there’s a counter-attack in this way. Child shaming! Some parents learned to do the same thing! That’s even more problematic than the other! Just imagine how a child would feel like!


Fire challenge

fire challenge

If ice and salt or boiled water didn’t do the job, fire challenge sure can give you some serious burn injuries. This is possibly the weirdest internet challenge of all where one actually set himself on fire! That’s kind of sick! Filming while setting flammable liquid on someone on fire! The intention behind this challenge is yet to be figured out but until then, it’s advisable not to try it!


Pimple popping, a gross internet challenge

popping pimple internet challenge

Most of us had experience of popping pimples sin some point in our life. It’s not healthy though! Most pimples go away themselves and if it got worse, it’s better to visit a doctor instead of popping it yourself. But that turned out to be a popular challenge at one point, a gross challenge. It was a challenge that people film themselves popping pimples, removing botflies and so on. Maybe it’s a little satisfying (?!) for the one who’s doing it, but definitely gross for others. Like picking nose maybe. But it’s definitely a trend on the internet.


We’re not sure about the reason behind most of these internet challenges but they exist and catch people’s attraction somehow. What other weird challenges do you know? Have you taken any of these challenges before?


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