The richest Athletes In The World

the richest athlete

In this article, we are going to have a look at some of the richest athlete you might be familiar with. Keep reading if you want to know more about them.

1. Tiger Woods: An American golfer with a 35-year-old from any other athlete in the world is richer. He is funded by Knight and has earned $ 75 million in revenue over the past year. Some unofficial sources have announced that Woods’ assets range from $ 800 to $ 900 million. 

 2. Kobe Bryant: This American basketball player earned $ 53 million last year and is sponsored by Mercedes-Benz Germany. Bryant has signed other business contracts with Nike and Coca-Cola companies, which earns him $ 10 million a year. The 32-year-old basketball wage last year was $ 4 million more than any other athlete.                                                                                             

 3. LeBron James: The other American basketball player with age 27 is the third-ever scorer in the history of the NBA’s League. James earned $ 48 million last year, and Nike, Spread, and Womack Donald are among his sponsors.

4. Roger Federer: Switzerland’s thirty-year-old tennis champion, 67 titles and 16 Grand Slam Championships in his professional career. Man of the # 4 World Tennis Championship last year earned $ 47 million and signed a contract with Swiss Creditors, Rolex and Wilson. Federer is the only tennis player to win the Wimbledon Tennis Championship for five years.

5. Phil Michelson: The 40-year-old American golfer earned $ 46.5 million in revenue last year. ExxonMobil has been sponsoring the company and has earned a huge profit from the world’s second-largest golf player. Michelson has won the 39th PGA Tour Championship.

 6. David Beckham: The world’s richest footballer in the list of wealthy athletes does not rank better than the sixth place. The English footballer has a total of $ 219 million in assets and has earned more than $ 40 million in revenue last year. Beckham earns most of his revenue from the commercials and, given the 2010 London Olympics, he has a better opportunity to make more money.

7. Chris Ronaldo: A Real Madrid footballer with a 26-year-old earned $ 38 million in 2011, with a total of $ 160 million. Ronaldo scored 53 goals in 54 Real Madrid matches and scored as La Liga.

 8. Alex Rodriguez: This baseball player is from the United States and is 35 years old. In 2007, under a 10-year contract, he paid $ 275 million to New York’s Yankees Poynest, the most expensive contract in baseball history. Rodriguez’s revenue last year was about $ 35 million.

9. Michael Schumacher: One of the most experienced drivers of the Formula One race with 42 years of age is still in professional competition. He was a runaway driver and earned $ 34 million in revenue last year. Schumacher experienced his first car racing championship at the age of 6 and has six world titles.

10. Lionel Messi: Argentinian team player Barcelona earns $ 16 million annually from the team, but his total revenue is $ 32.3 million last year. Messi earns just as well as the club’s salary, through commercial advertising.


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