This is our world in 2050

the world in 2050

When we think about 2050, it seems like it’s half-century away from us, while just 31 more years are left. And yet, we still make movies about the future that happens in 2050?!! It doesn’t seem far enough for a science-fiction movie. Like those ’80s and 90’s movies about the future that are present or past right now. We’re most of what we see in movies haven’t happened yet. Here, we’re going to look into the future, not in fictionally, but scientifically and statically. Our world in 2050 is not that beautiful as you may have thought, but rather alarming.

We can imagine the future by predicting numbers affecting our world. Like population, water demand, tech usage, etc.


The world in 2050 will be a very crowd!

world in 2050 very crowd

Statics shows the planet’s human population is constantly increasing and it doesn’t seem to stop soon. It’s predicted that the world in 2050 will have about 9.6 billion humans on its surface that will consume everything it has to offer. Right now the world’s population is about 7.2 billion and we have all the kinds of problems from providing energy to freshwater, and so on. Imagine how it would be with 2 billion more.

Data collection since 2012 and predictions show earth have to host at least 9.6 people in 2050, if not more. Population explosion will happen mostly in India and Africa where the majority of the population don’t have enough knowledge, motivation or available birth control methods but can give birth to new babies thanks to the advances in tech and medical fields. In the worst scenario, the growing population continues to reach 12.3 billion or even more in 2100! And that won’t be a beautiful scene if we don’t think of any solution.


Human races will mix and there will be no minorities

human races in the world in 2050

Going back just a few decades, we see most countries’ populations were natives. Now with all the migrations and interracial couples, the line between races is hardly noticeable. Lots of people in the world in 2050 will be multiracial migrants. In counties with most immigrants like the USA, they will comprise about 50 percent of the population. So those who are called the minority population today, won’t be much minority anymore. in 2050, lots of American’s will be Africans, east-Asians, middle-eastern, Latinos (Hispanic), etc. considering how fast races are mixing in modern times, in 2050 all different races will be found all over the world.


Global warming and sea-level rise

sea level rise in 2050

When we think and talk about the world in 2050, we mostly think about either technology or global warming and environmental degradation. While the first one is more fun to think about, the second one is more important. Because it’s real, It’s happening and all the stats show it has a huge negative impact on our planet and life.

Global warming causes many kinds of threats to human survival on earth and one of the most important ones is sea-level rise. Many scientists and people believe it’s not a result of human activities and it’s just a natural occurrence. But it doesn’t matter. It affects our lives in many ways. Statics suggest sea level will rise by about 30cm (1 foot) by 2050.

Half of it will be because of melting ice sheets on the poles and the rest will be water expansion due to the temperature increment.

Of course with a 30cm rise, our planet will still have lands to live on, however; lots of the coastal cities in the world will not survive. Right now, the five pacific islands have disappeared because of global warming. The world in 2050 will have fewer islands, some underwater cities and a few new coastal cities (waterproof probably)!


Increase in food demand, world hunger, and poverty

food crisis in the world in 2050

If you’re already fed up by the news about poverty and world hunger and seeing no action, you’re going to see even more. The world in 2050 will struggle to find food for people because stats show demand for food will increase by 70%! But wait. The population won’t grow by 70%! Why the demand for food should increase that much? Because of income increment!

An overall increase in income of people around the world means more people are going to spend their money on food which means much more food will be needed. Hopefully, we’ll be able to use genetic for more efficient agriculture and use by-products as bio-fuels. This way we have a chance to meet the demand and avoid environmental destruction.


The world in 2050 suffers from water shortage

water shortage

Ironically, while some cities probably will be drowned in the water, others struggle to find some. Right now, you might think the water is not going to end because every time you need it, it’s available. But your understanding of the situation is completely wrong. Lots of countries (actually about half of the countries in the world) already have faced water shortage and it won’t take long until anyone in the world experience the same.

To have a better understanding of the situation and stats, it’s good to know that the planet’s population has been doubled since the 1970s but water usage quadruplicated. Our need for freshwater rapidly increases and that’s hard to think nature will be able to provide it for us anymore.  If we don’t come up with any solution, we will face strict restrictions and maybe even wars over freshwater.


Robots will run the world and take our jobs

sex robots in future

It will be hard to say if the world in 2050 belongs to us or robots. Right now, many of us depend on the tech and by 2050 tech is, going to be our life. About 50% of the jobs we have today, won’t be open for humans anymore. AI and robots do the job for us. That means robots run the world and we will be the end-user?! If robots continue to develop and grow smarter, in a not so far future almost everything, from cleaning our house to even sex partners will be robots! Now that’s hard not to think about AI takeover.


cities of the world in 2050 will be very crowd

city population in future

Every year an enormous number of people migrate to big cities in the hope of finding a better life. If that continues, about 70 percent of the population will live in urban areas. So when we talk about the world in 2050, it means we’re mostly talking about cities.


Developed countries shift to renewable energy

renewable energy 2050

If there’s will be any hope for stopping global warming, it’s increasing usage of renewable energy. some countries like Iceland (almost 100%) are generating most of their electrical energy from renewable sources. if that continues to grow up, positively many countries (probably will be using renewable energy. right now the world’s renewable energy consumption of total energy consumption is about 19 percent. the biggest obstacle seems to be a lack of enough financial investment. solar panels, wind turbines, biopower, and hydropower already exist and are waiting for financial support for better efficiency and development.


Although the statics don’t predict a very bright future for humans, it’s not definite. Anything could happen and change the way we’re going. These predictions are all based on what if it continues. If enough people care about next-generation (or considering 2050 to be just 31 years later, better to say their own future!) Probably the real future won’t be like this and happens in a better way.



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