Things That We Should Care Less About In Life

Taking Care Less?

There are things in the life that if we look good at them we see that we paid a lot of attention to them, while they’re not important at all.

Latest Mobile Model

We all confess that Apple is unique in making mobile phones, but not as crazy as we are looking to buy new models that come in tandem at a market. Are you thinking that the new model of iPhone will change your life? Or you’re thinking if you have a brand new and advanced mobile phone that nobody else has, you made a revolution? Believe that there is no need for all of these obsessions about technology.

Your Bed

I know that many of you will complain me now and I know how important sleep is and you need to have a comfortable bed. I understand that your beddings and pillows should be clean and comfortable and I don’t mean to sleep on everything you find! But the point is, it does not matter to anyone which brand is your blanket and pillow and how much you paid for that! Believe that just being comfortable in bed is important.

Wrinkles on your skin


This is something that is not digestible for most people. In most cultures, wrinkle skin is not a sign of beauty but really we have to rethink this idea. Why should not we laugh so much that the corners of the lipstick will wrinkle? We need to understand that these lines, although indicative of baldness of the skin, say that we have come across difficult ways to see life differently. The sooner we accept these meaningful lines and do not want to eliminate them, we will sooner believe in our beauty.

Friends who are married before and have children

Everyone has his own life, with his own ideas and tastes, as well as all humans on earth, there are value and conviction, and equally, ways to live. No one can say simply because you do not live like many of your peers, you are not successful. You go your own way and something that you like will fall to you.

Your weight

Leave the balance! You will not be summed up with a number that you expect to evaluate based on the number Traverse shows you yourself. Your weight is nothing it’s just the effect of gravity on you! What matters is your healthy nutrition. If you do not lose weight, do not blame yourself again; This is an endless and dangerous war against yourself! Look for happiness in your feelings, not on balance.


Your Instagram Followers

This one is important for many of us and we have a fanaticism on it!

Increasing followers is the simplest way to create a personal brand, A way to sell our products or services and a way to entertain and share trips, food, reviews, and…. But if you be sensitive to your number of followers, can you still enjoy the content that you create or see?

Can you communicate with all of the followers? Or just the number of them is important to you? Remember, no one wants to be just a number!

Someone you once loved

Once you were very intimate with her, you spent a great time together and you believed that you could always be well together, but that did not happen! Certainly, you learned something from her, and he did the same, but if something happened that you wanted her dead, then there’s no reason to harsh your present day by reminding you of the past. Remember that both of you are human beings and you have to live and grow.


Your Age

If you read this article in somewhere that the average lifespan is over 50, then you should not care for yours at all! Do not care about your age like the extra numbers of your weight. You have many years to go looking for your dreams and your motivation must be more than your age’s number. Do not forget, age is just a number! The important thing is the emotion that you have in your heart and soul and the heartbeat that you feel in the exciting moments of your life.


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