Xiaomi Company is one of the leading brands in the field of manufacturing smartphones and other digital products in the world, perhaps you will be asked where Xiaomi manufacturing is, the brand headquartered in Beijing was founded by the 23rd richest man in China named Li Jun and 6 others. Since the company started its activity in 2010, it has been able to supply and sell its products in many global markets. Currently, the company is the fourth most valuable start-up in the world with a value of $46 billion.


Xiaomi Brand History

Xiaomi Company was recognized as one of the leading smartphone manufacturers and initially with the growth of its head, the Chinese market controlled its products and with expansion in the markets of countries such as India and Malaysia its progress multiplied. Previously, Xiaomi’s main focus was on making smartphones with affordable prices and high quality, but Xiaomi’s creativity did not end and entered other markets of electronics and smart gadgets, products such as Xiaomi Power Bank, Xiaomi Air Purifier, Xiaomi TV, Xiaomi TV, all kinds of headphones, headsets and Xiaomi handsfree, Xiaomi speaker, Xiaomi camera, Xiaomi health bracelet, Xiaomi laptop, Xiaomi tablet, etc. All included Xiaomi’s commodity spectrum. These goods are the product of a company that entered the market in 2010 as a small start-up that initially aimed to design a very inexpensive smartphone and sell it over the Internet, and although it entered the market very late, it showed that in practice it has a lot to say in the competition cycle.

Xiaomi Brand Introduction


Xiaomi’s first phone entered the market almost at the same time with the iPhone 4s and was strangely successful sales and showed that it is not always the first condition of success and other reasons are needed to succeed.

Xiaomi can be seen as the reason for Xiaomi’s great success in its clever strategy, Xiaomi relied only on the Internet and used the social networking platform for its advertising and branding, the next one was Xiaomi’s strong and rapid support, which with up-to-date business planning and planning made Xiaomi very quickly and accurately accepted and purchased among the young people of China.

The quality of Xiaomi’s products is also so high that it is called the Apple China or Apple 2. Xiaomi’s long-term strategy made Xiaomi among the world’s top companies in a few years, and in statistics Xiaomi’s share of the world’s smartphone market is about 5.8 percent, and this number indicates that Xiaomi is ranked 5th in the world, ranking fifth for a company that has reached it in five years is very surprising and interesting. Currently, Xiaomi has the first word in the Chinese smartphone market and has pulled itself above brands with a history of hardiness such as Huawei and Lenovo.


Xiaomi Products

Most users know the Xiaomi brand with its manufactured mobile phones. Over the past few years, the company has been producing various products in the field of IoT and Mi Ecosystem brand lifestyle. Also, with the participation of various Chinese companies, it has been able to produce products such as sports bracelets, smart shoes, smart home related products, robotic vacuum cleaners and even rice cookers. Include items such as backpacks, suitcases and even different screwdriver sets on its product list.

Xiaomi App Store

In October 2014, Xiaomi launched a dedicated app store for android operating system on its phones, which was able to take a very high download figure in just a few months. The Xiaomi Store app, which currently only services Chinese users, currently has an average of 50 million downloads per day, and statistics show that in the store, only more than 3,000 applications have been developed specifically for the company’s Mi Pad tablet. In November 2014, Xiaomi held a special celebration for the 10 billionth download mentioned from the store earlier. According to the statistics extracted since the launch of the store, developers operating in it have been able to earn $2 billion.


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