The World’s Capital of Marvelous Fairy Tales

If you’ve ever heard about the world-famous tales of “The Ugly Duckling”, “The Little Mermaid”, and “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, you probably know the creative mind behind them. Hans Christian Anderson wrote these amazing stories in the 19th century to let future generations enjoy a perfect world of fairy tales that’s like no other.

Odense, the birthplace of Anderson, is now home to a $64 million museum to appreciate this ambitious author. The place is called H.C. Anderson’s Hus and mixes complex architecture with elaborate light and sound installations to resemble his world of imagination. The museum is designed in a way that keeps you engaged in looking for secret places and guessing about its different parts.

For example, there’s a transparent water basin in one of the areas through which you see the sky. It recalls the desire of Little Mermaid to be part of the world above.

Anderson was born in 1805 in Odense, west of Copenhagen on Fyn Island. The island has more than 100 castles and manors, and Egeskov Castle is one of the oldest ones that Anderson favored. In legends, it’s known to be home to Odin, the mythological god of Vikings. If you ever walk around the city, the streets, houses, bridges, and wild swans will act as an atlas of his fictional characters.

The city council had decided to turn Anderson’s birthplace into a fairy-tale capital for people all over the world. H.C. Andersen’s Hus truly provides this opportunity for visitors, especially when they discover the cultural concepts of this city. Danish people have kept the traditions of reading fairy tales aloud in a family setting since the 1830s. Thus, experts believe Anderson penned many of his famous tales during that time, turning him into a driving force of the hygge idea.

No world’s map of fairy-tale traditions will ever be complete without the city of Odense. Visit this museum and embrace the Scandinavian spirits of fairy tales in the best way.


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