The Varicose Veins and It’s Treatment?

Varicose Veins

Varicose Veins Treatment?

Anyone who has experienced Varicose veins knows that this disease not only has an unpleasant

appearance but also can be very painful. Venous varicose causes vessel dilation and make them

blue and bruised. According to the statistics almost 23 percent of Americans are involved.

The varicose veins occur when the venous valves do not allow the blood flow in the arteries. This

causes the blood to move in the wrong direction or accumulate in the arteries and causes the

dilation of the arteries and their swelling. These arteries twisted and swollen together and often

got bruised appearance which is clearly visible. Varicose veins usually appear in the legs

because there is a lot of pressure on the haunch when you stand or walking down.


The pregnant women and overweight people are more prone to Varicose veins but anyone may

suffer from Varicose veins. Women are prone to Varicose veins infection more than men and maybe have a genetic aspect as well.


Though Varicose veins are not dangerous for the health but many people who have felt the pain

and discomfort of Varicose veins and also the unpleasant appearance of this bruised and swollen

veins in their legs are complaining.


Fortunately, there are many ways to treat Varicose veins which include home solutions and

medical interventions. If you have the problem of  Varicose veins you should know the diverse

ways of escaping from it.

Although there is no way that the problem of Varicose veins will completely treat but you can

perform some actions to reduce the chances of getting it. Healthy weight control,

regular exercise and having a feeding of rich in fiber and less salt can be a great help to it’s

prevention. Also if you are prone to Varicose veins avoid wearing tight stockings

and high heel shoes. The high placement of the legs and change the status to sit and stand are

also actions which can reduce the chance of Varicose veins.

The exercises such as swimming with less intensity or yoga help to improve the blood flow in the

arteries and the legs. Also, the exercise can lower the blood pressure which is the risk factor for

getting Varicose veins. Wearing the Varicose veins stocks can also reduce the pain and discomfort

of Varicose veins.

Those who are overweight are more prone to Varicose veins so the nutritional changes can lower

the chances of Varicose veins. The healthy nutrition leads to weight loss and also using the food

which is rich in potassium and fiber is very beneficial to reduce the swelling and constipation.

If the household solutions didn’t help you refer to the doctors. The surgery may be an appropriate

treatment for people who have severe Varicose veins. After the surgery of Varicose veins, you can

return to your home very soon as this operation can be done under general anesthesia. The laser

treatment can also be a good option for drop off the spider veins.

The other medical treatment is stripping and ligation surgery in which the

injured veins are destroyed and they are removed by surgery. The bottom of the vessel is also

closed and blocked. After the surgery, the patient is required to be hospitalized for one to three

weeks of recovering should wear the compression stockings.

In the sclerotherapy treatment or membranous destruction the affected veins by using the

chemical injection to the context or the heat generated by the laser or radio—wave (androgen

demolition) will be destroyed. Radiofrequency therapy also commonly done on the larger veins

and arteries to block heat.


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