Ever heard of The Selfie Kingdom of Dubai?

the selfie kingdom Dubai

Dubai has now the first-ever selfie museum in the world. The museum is called The Selfie Kingdom which is a place specialized for taking selfies. The Selfie Kingdom is an innovating dedicated museum designed to attract selfie lovers around the world to inspire creativity and art in each of its 15 rooms.

The Selfie Kingdom has 15 different rooms with a variety of background designs, each with its unique atmosphere and perfect angles for a photo.

The Selfie Kingdom (TSK) is located in a short distance from the Expo 2020 spot, thus the place will probably guest lots of visitors during the event.

The problem with this museum is that it may lose its charm after the first visit. Hence, the venue will change the rooms’ design periodically to keep the excitation going and make visitors revisit the place again and again. This is why one time visit won’t be an option!

The door of The Selfie Kingdom is open to anyone. Singles, groups of friends, couples, families and literally anyone who wishes to have fun and take some professional yet affordable selfies.

Visitors can take their photos in any room, with no limitation. Well, booking the time slot prior to the visit would be the only limitation. The good news is that the place is suitable for kids too. But the charges are different depending on that. You have to pay Dh55 per hour as an adult while taking selfies for children only costs Dh45 per hour. If there’s a need for a professional photographer to take a photo, the rate will increase by extra Dh750 per hour.

If you’re considering visiting The Selfie Kingdom of Dubai, you should know it’s not a good target for a late-night stay because it opens 8 am to 11 pm. the address is Daytona House, Office 101, Motor City, Dubai. 

For more information visit: www.theselfiekingdom.com


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