The most expensive houses in the world – prices and their owners!

When you talk about the most expensive houses in the world, their owners are mysterious. We do not talk about the houses of Hollywood celebrities, but we are talking about real estate and palaces which their owners are the richest people in the world.
Property and properties have always been a fascinating case for investing for big global investors, and when you’re a billionaire CEO, spending a few hundred million dollars for where you want to live does not look a bad idea.
Some people in this list built their own homes, and some bought historic property. But these people definitely know what Luxury life means.

1.  Antilia, India: 1 billion $

“Mukesh Ambani” The richest man in India, with a wealth of $ 23.6 billion, is the owner of this 27-story modern house in Mumbai, India, with an area of 37,000 cubic meters. Among the advantages of this huge building are 3 helicopter landing platforms and 6 underground parking lots, which totally takes place of 168 cars. This is to a great extent that 600 servicemen have been hired to handle various matters and to handle and maintain it!

Antilia is a 168-meter-high skyscraper, has 9 lifts and 1788 rooms, including 257 WC. Other features of this huge building include a temple, exclusive gardens, a ballroom and a 50-seats showroom.

Ambani owes its wealth to the industrial company Rellenos, which operates in the field of energy production and parts.

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2) Villa Leopolda, France: 750 million dollars

Leyla Safra, Brazilian international goodness, and Lebanese widow banker Edmund Safra own this 50-hectare property with a swimming pool, an open-air kitchen, a large green space on the roof of one of the buildings and lounge, which alone is home that is bigger than lots of Major mansions.
The “King Leopold II” of Belgium in 1902 created this house as a gift for one of his mistresses.
The main house of this collection, which has 11 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms, was used in 1995 to filming Alfred Hitchcock’s film, “Arresting a Thief”.
Edmund bought the property in 1988 and was inherited by Lily after being killed in a deliberate fire that occurred in his other home in Monaco.

3) Tour Odeon Building, Monte Carlo, Monaco: 400 Million Dollars Penthouse in Tour Odeon

49 floors building of the Odeon Tour opened in Monaco in 2015, and its 5-floor 3300-meter-high penthouse is thought to be one of the most expensive houses in the world. The price was set at $ 400 million but we could not figure out who the owner is.
There is a 360-degree view of the sea, a private terrace, a dance hall, and access to the pool and blue slides above the roof of the building.
The 170-meter-high Oudine Tour building is Monaco’s tallest building and is the first modern skyscraper built in the city over the past decades.

4.  Chart well, Bell air, California: 350 million dollars

The 2,300-meter building of this beautiful home is located on a 10.3-acre land, with a dancehall, an auditorium, and a custom-built cabinet. It also has a tennis court, a swimming pool and an indoor car parking area for 40 cars.
It was built in 1933. Ah, Jerald Penccio, a billionaire producer of television shows like Life and Sanford, bought it in 1986, and during the next 30 years he expanded with the purchase of neighboring properties when he died in May 2017, They Have offered this property for sale.

5) Penthouse of One Hyde Park complex, Center of London: 255 Million dollars

In 2014, an unidentified buyer from Eastern Europe bought this 1500m not furnished penthouse in London’s Van Hyde Park for $ 255m. This penthouse has a pool with ozone-coated stainless steel, a golfer (a room with a smart system that hangs on the wall of a digital curtain with a view of a golf course, a “golfer” like the outdoor and the ground The game is hit by a golf ball, the ball is pulled to the curtain, the ball is ejected into the digital curtain, and from now on, the intelligent system begins, which, given the severity and direction of the impact, the path that the ball is in the open and natural Simulates the curtain and inside the virtual golf course!), Oriental Spa Pool (Mandarin), and a Fun Suite. The residents of Van Hyde Park include Chinese billionaire, Arab sheikhs, Russian oligarchs, London capitalists, and Celebrities.

If you are looking for security, this building is yours. Bulletproof glasses, panic watches (to hide in an emergency such as the arrival of thieves and criminals inside the house), and staff trained by British special forces.

6. The Property of fair field lake, New York: 249 Million dollars 

The billionaire investor Ira Rennet bought a 63-hectare property in Hamptons in 1999, but he and his family would have to wait five years before they could move to a new home because the construction project of this massive property had created controversy among its neighbors.
Ronet’s neighbor complained that the 10,000-square-meters civilian building in the region would have an adverse effect on the neighbors’ homes, was handed over to the “Southampton” court, but eventually, the vote was passed in favor of Rennet, and he was able to implement his project Complete. At the moment, however, a law has been passed in “Southampton” that new homes can not have an area exceeding 1860 square meters!
Fairfield has a dedicated power plant, 29 bedrooms, and 39 bathrooms. There are 3 swimming pools, two tennis courts, a bowling alley, a basketball court, a dedicated synagogue and a 164-seat showroom.

7. Big Island, Connecticut State: 175 Million Dollar

The island, located near the coast of Connecticut, offered to sell in 2016 for $ 175 million and it’s connected to a bridge on Connecticut Beach. They built 200 original stone houses with 6 bedrooms in 1902, and almost all rooms have an eye-catching view of the island. The island, which is less than an hour away from Manhattan, also has several smaller homes, a pier for boat trips, and a stable for 20 horses and, of course, a private beach.
William Ziegler, who became rich in charity at Baking Powder, bought it at the beginning of the twentieth century. The brokerage responsible for selling the island says, “Next generations of the family have moved elsewhere.” So they intend to sell it. Of course, the brokerage continues: “If you want to buy this great island, be sure to have some money to rebuild it in your pocket.”

8. House of Shepard Kirch, East Hampton, New York: 147 Million dollars

The former publisher of Esquire Men’s Fashion magazine, and current CEO of the “World School”, Chris Wittel, is the owner of the Shepard Kirch property. When it sold the house for $ 140 million in 2015, it was the most expensive property in the United States.
The main building has 6 main bedrooms of 960 square meters, four fireplaces, an art hall, a huge living room with a three-story ceiling, and four bedrooms for guests, tennis courts and a swimming pool, and a private beach.
Wittel and his wife Priscila Ratzai bought the house in 1989.

9. Il Palmetto, Palm Beach, Florida: 137 Million dollars

Jim Clarke is one of the founders of Netscape company, he is the owner of Palm Palmetto in Palm Beach, and he offered for sold it in 2016 for $ 137 million. The huge 5575-m² mansion is made up of a number of perch mansions and is located on an area of 5.5 hectares. It has 10 bedrooms and a huge chamber. It also has an underground tunnel for direct access to the beach. There is also a two bedroom house with a service and a pool connected to the sea along the beach.
Clark himself, the Italian mansion designed by the architect Mauritius Fatiu, bought $ 11 million in the 1930s and spent millions on rebuilding it in 1999. Clark seems to have a hard time finding a customer. Last year, it reduced its price to $ 115 million and recently again reduced the price again. Now Clark satisfied for $ 95 million.

10. Duplex Apartment, Fifth Blv, New York: 120 Million dollars

Located in the northeast of New York and adjacent to the Central Park, the first time it was launched in 2016, it cost $ 120 million. This 1100-meter apartment is located on the seventh and eighth floors of the stone building, with 20 rooms, a wooden floor, and high ceilings, and the main staircase made of marble and a library with leather walls.
One of the most classy buildings in New York, Lawrence Rocky Flair lived 50 years in this penthouse. An investment called John Gutfranst bought it and was in his family for 30 years, but with his passing in 2016 it was offered for sale.
Last year, again due to the fact that it may have been expensive for the current market, it again reduced its price by about 25% and now is $ 76 million.

11. Las Veras Ranch, Santa Barbara, California: 108 Million dollars

In 2016, this property was first offered for sale for the first time after 50 years, but at a glance, the $ 108 million tags may look a bit confusing. A typical Spanish-style house in a rural area that does not even have a chamber or movie room.
But with a closer look, you will find that the property has an area of 1800 hectares, access to a private 3200-meter beach, exclusive private valleys, and limo and avocado gardens. (For comparison and mental estimation: Laleh Park area is 35 hectares, slightly larger than 50 times Laleh Park.)
Its owner is Anita (Taupsi) Dahnei, widow of the oil heirloom “Timothy Dahnney”, granddaughter of Edward Lawrence Dahnney, one of California’s mega-capitalists.

12. Silicon Valley Property, Los Altos Hills, California: 88Million dollars

It’s known that the real price of anything is the price that others are willing to pay for it. Therefore, it’s difficult to determine the exact price of some of the houses on this list because their initial price has ultimately fallen sharply.
Given that the property is located in Silicon Valley, it is not surprising that entrepreneur Technology Mr. Kumar Malawali owns this attractive property. The 1940-m² building of this eight-acre villa includes 5 bedrooms, 7 suites, 5 guest rooms, a living room (a room designed for watching TV), guest suites, an indoor pool, a games room and a storage room.
The first was offered for sale at a price tag of $ 88 million, but in April 2017 its price was reduced to $ 68 million, but no customer was found; now, if you are a customer, you can only get $ 55 million!


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