The Most expensive fluids excreted from animals

most expensive fluids excreted from animals

We, as humans, are not very comfortable with most of our body fluids. And not just our bodies, but we don’t like most fluids from other animals too. Mostly, they disgust us. However, some rare properties can be found only in these fluids, and that’s what makes them so valuable despite the fact they can be dangerous, very rare, disgusting or weird. It’s not that hard to imagine that some of the most expensive fluids in modern life are the fluids excreted from animals.

While some of these fluids have medical usage, some others are just expensive because of their rarity. Some are extremely precious and can be the solution for saving many lives in the world, while others are mostly considered as luxurious items.

To be able to compare the prices, we have to compare them in similar volume or weight. As for liquids, they are compared in equivalent volume. We pick litters for the matter of comparing, although in reality some of these fluids are used in milliliters scale or so.



Donkey’s milk ($60)

donkey's milk

This cute and inoffensive animal doesn’t seem so special. Why would its milk cost so much? Comparing to any regular milk, it’s by far the priciest milk. The reason for the high price is believing in medical properties. For example, some believe donkey’s milk can cure breathing and respiratory illnesses, particularly in children. But the reason that made donkey’s milk one of the most expensive fluids in the world, don’t have a scientific background


Human Blood ($400)

human blood most expensive fluids

Maybe it doesn’t seem that valuable at first. But considering how much human life depends on the fluid, you can understand its importance. Although human blood is not rare, the process of preparation and maintenance is not that simple. Lots of people donate their blood and what they donate is called whole blood. Meaning they are donating everything from plasma and blood cells to any mineral and everything comes with it. But our blood can’t be used like this. Most of the time, the blood splits into two components. One contains plasma and the other contains blood cells. So despite human blood abundant, the process behind it increases the price.


Insulin ($2500-$3900)

insulin human hormone

Another expensive fluid in the list is originally produced by our body. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas. The hormone is responsible for regulating metabolism. You probably have heard the hormones name before and for a reason. Because a lot of people need it. Low-level of Insulin in the body leads to many diseases and problems such as diabetes. Lots of patients with diabetes depend on the hormone provided from an outside source. That means biosynthetic hormones which of course, doesn’t come cheap.


Swiftlet’s edible nest ($10000)

Swiftlet nest animal fluids

Why would anyone pick the bird’s nest over the bird’s egg or the bird itself!? It even gets weirder when you know the nest is Swirflet’s saliva. Meaning people like to eat some bird’s spit! That plus considering the high price, you probably would think that the expensive fluid must have a very rare or important property. But it’s not the case, and unfortunately, all those birds lose their homes just because humans find it delicious. In Southeast Asian countries they boil nests in water and use it in soups or desserts. Swiftlet makes nests with the help of their saliva and lives in caves.


Horseshoe Crab blood ($15000)

horseshoe blood most expensive fluids

Horseshoe Crab blood is not that rare but it’s very important and valuable in the medical field. So in this case, an actual usage led to the high price of one of the most expensive fluid. Horseshoe crabs are species that have lived on earth since very old times. It’s a bit creepy that humans harvest the animals for their blood on a massive scale! About 600,000 of them each year are harvested for their blood! Why? Because horseshoe crab’s blood contains copper which causes their blood to be blue! Their blood contains a special protein called LAL (Limulus Amebocyte Lysate). This protein is widely used for detecting bacterial and endotoxins threads that are fatal to humans.


Bear bile ($25,000)

Bear bile one of most expensive fluids from animals

Chinese have a long history of using bear bile for the treatment of almost any illness which caused bear bile to be one of the most expensive fluids. In traditional Chinese medicine, bear bile is known to be useful for treating gallbladder problems. But again, it’s not effective from scientists’ view of point. It’s hardly convincible to start Bear-bile farming for something we’re not sure about!

In the bear-bile farm, the bears usually kept in tiny cages, and their gallbladder is emptied periodically. In some methods, a permanent catheter is inserted so accessing the expensive fluid would be much easier (for us, obviously). Let’s skip to the next one and don’t mention the real situation those bears are kept in.


King Cobra Venom ($40,000)

King Cobra Venom expensive fliuds

One of the most expensive fluids on the planet is produced by one of the dangerous animals. The snake is responsible for the death of almost 100,000 people in the world every year. But, it has medical usage too. It’s one of the most powerful pain killers. Of course, the venom in its pure form is still fatal and can’t be used. But it contains a protein that can be used as a painkiller 20 times more efficient than morphine. Besides, the venom has another interesting feature. It only attacks certain cells in the body. And that means we can figure out a way to manipulate it and specify targets (for example viruses) for it.



Scorpion venom ($10,000,000)

Scorpion venom

Scorpion venom is used pretty much the same as the king cobra venom. Its medical usage is the reason for the high cost of the most expensive fluids on the planet. The venom can be used to treat tumors. In addition, it’s an ideal anesthetic for surgery to make sure boy parts don’t move and stay still all the time. That can be done by using the venom as a temporary paralyzer. But why it is much more expensive than cobra venom? Because it’s much harder to collect. Every scorpion can give you 1-2 ml of venom at most! Plus, not all the scorpions have the venom of the kind we need.

But don’t think of investing money in the business. Because you can’t just find someone to buy it from you as easy as you think! Venoms are used in researches and studies which means the venom should have very specific properties. To have those properties, you need to know a lot about scorpion venoms and have access to proper test devices. Besides, most researchers get their venom from reliable laboratories or milk their own scorpions and right now there are enough laboratories with very high-quality products in the world!


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