The largest factories in the world

largest factories in the world

Usually, there are towers, bridges, monster-size buildings, etc., that grab our attention. When we think of the largest structures in the world, we tend to think about one of these. This is probably because they’re right in front of our eyes. We see them every day; we’re more familiar with their sizes and kind of adore them. However, these aren’t the only large structure build with our hands. Visiting the largest factories in the world (if we have the chance in our lifetime) would certainly redefine the meaning of large in our minds. However, one should be aware that meeting the largest factories in the world probably isn’t as fascinating as standing top of a tall building with a great view of the city. But it doesn’t mean factories are any less important!

World’s largest companies have a huge effect on our lives without us knowing it. Here, we’re introducing some of the largest factories in the world that their contributions in modern world technology and people’s life cannot be ignored.



tesla factory

Of the best-known automobile companies of the new age is located in California, USA, having famous Elon Musk as CEO. Tesla is the leading company of electric car production that promises a bright and clean environment in the future to its customers. Tesla has more than 10 thousand employees and performed so well so far. Since its new start in 2010, the company managed to introduce some of the best electric cars produced to date like Tesla model S, model 3 and model X.

Make his all happen, Tesla factory owns a 510,000 square meter area with more than 160 robots. Among them, there are 10 of the largest robots in the world which shows the unimaginable scale of the factory and how high-tech it is. Tesla factory produces almost 1000 every week.


Hyundai motor

hyundai motor the biggest factory in the world

The motor company best known as Hyundai motors is the largest automobile manufacturing facility in South Korea and the world. Hyundai motors are located in Ulsan, South Korea with more than 1.6 million unit production each year. This means about 4390 cars per day and one car every 12 minutes. Any company that is as large as Hyundai, surly needs lots of employees. Again, Hyundai has one of the greatest numbers of employees around the world with more than 75000 people worldwide. There are 5 production plants within the Ulsan factory and all together they have occupied about 5 million square meters of area. Hyundai is so huge that it has its hospital, road network, fire services, and exclusive bay.



volkswagen factory

In 1937, it was the largest automaker worldwide in 2016 and 2017. Wolfsburg is the home to the Volkswagen factory and has the honor to introduce the first environmentally-friendly colors for a car. The factory is so large that the employees have to use a bicycle to go from one level to the other. 6,500,000 square meters is what it takes to build one of the largest automobile manufacturing facilities in the world.



Boeing the largest factory

American Multinational Corporation has the most known name and brand in the aerospace industry. Boeing covers a wide area from producing airplanes to building rocket craft, rockets, satellites, telecommunication equipment. 153, 000 employees for a company of this size, doesn’t seem unusual. The Boeing 747, 767 and 777 are all made in the Boeing Everett factory located in Washington with more than 13,300,000 square meters of area.


Aalsmeer auction house

Aalsmeer auction house

Aalsmeer auction house is not simply an auction house. Aalsmeer is a flower auction in Aalsmeer, the Netherlands and the largest building in the world with an area of 518,000 square meters. For better imagination, you should consider an area of 740m long and 700m width. There are several rooms in the house where the auction takes place and goods are sold. About 25 million species of flowers from all around the world are bought and sold. Aalsmeer auction house hosts a huge number of guests during mother’s day and Valentine’s Day.


Mitsubishi motors factory

Mitsubishi motors largest factories

In North America, the factory has covered about 220,000 square meters of land. The factory was founded in 1981 to do the production, assembly, sale and research for the Mitsubishi car brand covering North America, Mexico, and the Caribbean.


Jean-Luc Lagardère factory

Jean-Luc Lagardère largest factories

Assembly 800-seat Airbus A380, the French needed a place. That’s why the Jean-Luc Lagardère factory has been built. Different parts of the airbus are produced in different countries and then are brought together for assembly in Toulouse-Blagnacto this factory.


Fabric factory of Lauma

Fabric factory of Lauma largest factories in the world

Leading European manufacturers of fabrics and one of the largest companies in the textile industry are currently in Latvia. The factory has a total area of 115,000 square meters.



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