The Best Nail Shape For Your Hands

best nail shape


Selecting the proper and best nail shape is one of the challenges of today’s world in the ladies.

Having some information such as: which type of nail is appropriate to form our hands and fingers,

or if we have short fingers, which type of nail can make them more beautiful and more stretched.

Stay with us on this subject to explain a variety of nail forms for you, to have a good

ideas for your nails in your next turn you will go to the beauty salon for manicuring and repairing

your nails.


Square shape:

Women choose this shape because they prefer comfort over the appealing appearance because

this model requires less handling. This form of the nail is suitable for long and stretched fingers

and makes your nail and your fingers seem wider and shorter.

Jack Kenedy is one of the first Royal women who vogued( generalized) this form of the nail at the time when other Queens had always worn gloves and proved without gloves she could retain her

simplicity and pretty.


sqaure shape nail

Oval shape:

Those who like to seem stylish and tidy(neat) with their simplicity choose the oval shape.

The long and short fingers don’t differ and only the long nails are necessary to have. This Shape

also have a lot of similarity to Almond model, with this difference that in the upper part of the

Almond model the nails are thin and stretched, but at the top and bottom of the nail in the oval

model is wide. The famous actress Henry Hampton also had always used this type of model for

her nails.


oval shape nail

Squoval shape:

This classic and natural model is appropriate for women who want to show their power by their

nails. On the other hand, it requires little preservation. If you have short and wide nails, this is the

right model for you, because your nail seems longer. Katy Perry and Cara Delevingne are the

celebrities who are in favor of this form of the nail and generally attend to the ceremonies with this

shape of the nail.


Round shape:

This model is a popular model that any women decide to try it very often. It’s suitable for the

people who have short fingers, narrow and flat nails. Elizabeth Taylor maintained her charming

among women with this model.


Round shape

Almond shape:

This model represents the dynamic and creative characters. Because it has a lot of charming and

simplicity, this model is suitable for people who have a wide and short finger, with a flat, long

and narrow nails. So it makes your nail and finger seem more stretched. If we use shiny,

holographic and bright colors in this model, it becomes very attractive. The popular and famous

Marilyn Monroe always used the shape of this model for her nails.




Sharp shape:

If you think you have enough time and money to handle and repair your nails regularly, it’s the best

choice for your nails. This is a perfect model for women who have short fingers because it makes your nails seem too long. This shape of the nails was very common in the 50s and was very

popular among celebrities such as Rihanna, Beyonce, and Jennifer.


sharp shape nail

The Berlin shape:

It’s excellent for women who want to be stylish. the shape of this nail is like a square model with

sharp edges and needs regular repair. if you want to try this model your nail should be long and

firm with wide hands and short finger.


The Berlin shape:


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