expo 2020 DUbai

Pavilions for the Expo 2020 Dubai 

Expo 2020 is hosted by Dubai and opens on October 20. This is a world expo held on a 438-hectare area between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Vice president and ruler…

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kangaroo island road

Australia on fire, before and after the catastrophe

It’s been months since the wildfire of Australia has been started and now the whole continent is burning to the ground. Many cities have been damaged by the growing flames…

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the selfie kingdom Dubai

Ever heard of The Selfie Kingdom of Dubai?

Dubai has now the first-ever selfie museum in the world. The museum is called The Selfie Kingdom which is a place specialized for taking selfies. The Selfie Kingdom is an…

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women drivers in dubai

Women drivers are better than men in Dubai

Heard of the myth that says women are worse drivers? Well, it’s not true anymore. Not in Dubai at least. A new study by Dubai Police suggests that women drivers…

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dubai stars Dubai walk of Fame

Shah Rukh Khan gets a star on Dubai Stars (Dubai walk of fame)

A few months back, Dubai decided to have its own walk of fame. it’s ready, however, lacks one thing, star! Now the Dubai Stars system has started working to find…

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