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kangaroo island road

Australia on fire, before and after the catastrophe

It’s been months since the wildfire of Australia has been started and now the whole continent is burning to the ground. Many cities have been damaged by the growing flames…

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pictures of animals

fascinating close-up pictures of animals

You don’t need to send a camera into deep waters or fly above the earth to capture astonishing photos of nature. Sometimes what we need is a closer look at…

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Dubai's sunset

Fascinating photos of Dubai’s Sunset

Maybe you’ve heard about the beautiful sunsets of LA or Hawaii and probably Dubai isn’t on your list. After watching these photos of the sunset from 3 days ago, you’re…

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Torres Del Paine National Park

Tourist attractions that no longer exist!

Sometimes picking a destination for vacation, is hard. There are plenty of destinations to choose from. But these seemingly countless options won’t be there forever! Tourist destinations in the past…

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turtle skeleton

Strange photos of the world you that you must see

If you’re old enough to drive a car, you have experienced most of what you can see during a lifetime. Although there are still plenty of more facts and photo…

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