pictures of animals

fascinating close-up pictures of animals

You don’t need to send a camera into deep waters or fly above the earth to capture astonishing photos of nature. Sometimes what we need is a closer look at…

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Magnifying Glass with the word Facts on white background.

Facts you don’t want to know

There are all different kinds of facts in the world. Some of them are ready to amaze you, while some may disturb you. Between all the facts in our life,…

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most expensive fluids excreted from animals

The Most expensive fluids excreted from animals

We, as humans, are not very comfortable with most of our body fluids. And not just our bodies, but we don’t like most fluids from other animals too. Mostly, they…

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turtle skeleton

Strange photos of the world you that you must see

If you’re old enough to drive a car, you have experienced most of what you can see during a lifetime. Although there are still plenty of more facts and photo…

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12 untold facts about the Human body

You have a body with lots of amazing features that are probably unknown facts for you. Every day some more jaw-dropping facts are discovered about the human body. In Magazinna you can…

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