shortest performances that won academy awards

Stars who won Academy Award with the shortest amount of screen time

Only a few days remained until the Oscar Acadamy Awards ceremony when new academy award winners are going to be introduced to the world, including the best actor/actresses. A good…

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sytlish celebrities

Most stylish celebrities

With all new and old celebrities competing to steal the spotlight and grab everyone’s attention with their unique style, it’s not easy to come up with a list of the…

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mariah carey and hussain al jassmi concert dubai

Mariah Carey and Hussain Al Jassmi free concert in Dubai

Cheer up, ladies and gentlemen. Mariah Carey is going to perform a free concert in Dubai. The beloved singer of the ’90s along with one of the best Arab male…

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highest-paid actors and actresses

Highest-paid actors and actresses for a role

In recent years, the audience’s taste in choosing a movie to watch has changed.  Years ago, the major attraction for people were movie actors and actresses. Therefore a high paid…

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perkins family one of the most beautiful families in the world

The most beautiful family in the world

Family is everything. It’s something that could never be replaced with anything else. Some families were examples of others. Good relationships, happy life, and everything. That’s what we call a…

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