Strange photos of the world you that you must see

turtle skeleton

If you’re old enough to drive a car, you have experienced most of what you can see during a lifetime. Although there are still plenty of more facts and photo that can make you feel confused about your knowledge. Sometimes it’s just a matter of curiosity. That unexpected truth could be right in front of you the whole time. For instance, who could have thought turtles have this one of the weirdest looking skeletons in the animal world?! Their shell is actually their ribs and vertebrae! Now there are some strange photos from the other side of the story. Be prepared for the bitter truth to get revealed.

Slender owl?

owl's leg

You are familiar with owls. They can be a little scary when you heart them hoo hoo at night. this strange photo shows the fact that they’re mostly legs than anything else. now they’re going to be scarier!

Modern battleships look like an overturned iceberg!

modern battleships full photo

It’s hard to take them seriously now! Like a lion without its mane! But try not to break the ice. It can overrun you.

Digging in water

bridge construction

Have you ever wondered how a bridge is constructed across the water? We’re just worried about a storm. We hope they take it into consideration.

Reverse engineering at best

unloading coal car freight

We all thought about the way a freight far full of coal can be unloaded. This is latterly the first idea to come to mind, but an insane one! It seems like a high level of engineering is involved

Tire’s wires

wires inside tire

Car tires are strong and flexible at the same time. One important factor is the wires inside them. Lots of wires. Just to mention, it’s not exactly normal to see any wires exposed on the tire. If so, you better make sure your life insurance is paid up!

Behind the scene

behind the scene of movie theater

We all want to see what’s behind the scene. You can see at last what behind the scene of a movie theater looks like. You’re disappointed? Wait until you see the reality behind the scene of all those fantasy and action movies are made just in a small room.

It’s going to blow your mind

inside grenade photo

You probably didn’t expect to see a complex working machine in something that is just as easy as pulling a pin. Don’t pull the pin, please.

Inside of the great light

lighthouse inside

Lighthouse tower looks like a giant one eye giant from afar, turning its head around, looking for bates. On the inside, though, it’s fascinating. Just look straight into its eye to see through its sole

Help Ronald McDonald

ronald mcdonald

in this strange photo, It seems Ronald McDonald needs help. The molding cast looks kind of a torture device

strange photo of the inside of a bowling ball

inside bowling ball

Do you think it should have had a uniform inside probably? It’s even more surprising to know some bowling balls aren’t even symmetrical! Different shapes exist because of the need for different motion control, acceleration, angular motion, etc.

Firework shell

inside firework

We’re just thinking of the brave man/woman who dared to cut it in half. Nothing else matters.

Could it be the reason!?

inside leaning tower of pisa photo

Inside the leaning tower of Pisa is just empty

High power line tower

installing high power line tower photo

Hard to imagine how the helicopter’s pilot would be able to fly with the load swinging all the way!

photo of the inside of a living green wall

strange photo of the inside of a  hedge

The hedge looks so bright from the outside, not much from the inside. Beautiful art. Too bad the only way to take this strange photo, was an autopsy

The reason behind CT scanner’s cost

ct scanner naked photo

CT stands for computerized tomography. You don’t need to know what that is. Just by looking at all the components and wirings, you can feel the price!

We have been using it wrong

pearl inside photo

Looks like their even more lovely from the inside. Just so attractive to be ignored

How far our pollution goes

photo of the top of the Everest mountain

One might imagine a great view when he/she thinks of top of the Everest Mountain. But it’s not always the case. Hope those who go all the way up to see the promised view, can handle it.


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