Space tourism begins; a dream that was interpreted as “Bronson”

British billionaire Richard Branson, who flew to the Edge of Space on a test basis with the Unite spacecraft, has successfully returned to Earth.

Top picks: Richard Branson, a British billionaire who flew to the “edge of space” on a test basis with the UNITI ship, successfully returned to Earth. He left Virgin’s operating base in New Mexico on Sunday, July 11.


In this flight, a plane lifted and abandoned the VSS Unity aircraft up to 50,000 feet (15 kilometers). After that, the UNITI rocket was switched on and the spacecraft carrying six crew members headed for the Karman line. The Karman line is a hypothetical line that is 100 kilometers above the earth’s surface, an altitude known by the International Aviation and Aerospace Federations as the threshold for space, but at the same time NASA, the Air Force, the Federal Aviation Administration and some astronomy physicists consider the start of the boundary between atmosphere and space 80 kilometers above the earth’s surface.



After reaching the necessary altitude, the New Shepherd capsule is separated from the rocket and crosses our line along a path and then lands slowly. On its way back, the capsule will land in the West Texas desert with the help of special umbrellas. The total presence of New Shepherd in space is estimated to be about 3 minutes. Virgin Geltic’s purpose of this trip is to examine the comfort of the seats, the experience of weightlessness and the visible view of the earth from the perspective of space.


Posting a video of his trip, Bronson announced on Twitter that once I was a child with a dream of looking at the stars, I’m now a big-year-old looking at our beautiful earth from above. “If we can do this, just imagine what you can do,” he told the next generation of dreamers.



Like a competitor, Jeff Bezos sent Bronson a congratulatory message saying, “I can’t wait to join the club anymore!” When Jeff Bezos announced that he would be on the first manned Blue Urigin expedition to space on July 20, 2021, some took the risk and issued warnings. However, Richard Branson managed to get himself into space earlier than his rival, beating him in that way. The failure that seemed to be expensive for Bezos, and perhaps that’s why after this incident, Blue Origin compared and differentiated the company’s journey with Virgin Galactic by providing a graphic table.




One of the most important differences between Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic is that they intend to get their tourists cross the line. Virgin Galactic has already listed more than 600 people on its list of space tourists, while the ticket price for the 90-minute flights 80 kilometers from Earth will be $250,000.


Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon and owner of Blue Origin, is also preparing to take over on July 20 with a capsule his company built. In addition, we should not neglect the Elon Musk project, which aims to send humans on a six-day trip to the moon, a trip that will cost five billion dollars, and is said to be estimated at $400,000 per person from now on.



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