Score the charm of your love!

Discussion or coercion and reconciliation of a husband and wife, important life decisions that are made without consulting you and… Sometimes it lands on your head like a sledgehammer: “How long should I continue this situation? Or is my marriage still worth burning and building?”

When you get here, take a deep breath and answer these 12 questions with “yes” or “no.”




  1. Do you enjoy being together?


  1. Do you trust him?


3. Do you play and have fun together, in other words, do you have a common hobby?


  1. Do you share your core values and beliefs?


  1. Can you disagree pleasantly?


  1. Can you be “yourself” in your common life?


  1. Is there mutual respect in your relationship?


  1. If your relationship is romantic, will your spouse still make your heart beating fast whenever you see him?


  1. Does your spouse support you?


  1. Is your relationship fragile in the face of change?


  1. Are your expectations realistic?


  1. Do you both want to keep your life together?


Although there are no written rules that suggest that the time has come for a relationship to end and is no longer worth continuing, if your answer to most of the above questions is positive, there is probably still something in your life that is worth trying. It’s certainly hard to make a difference in any relationship, but if you want your relationship to become healthier and stronger, move forward and that’s the price you have to pay.


If you doubt answering these questions, read the test answer guide at the bottom so that you can answer more decisively and make your final decision!


Test Response Guide


  1. If you do not enjoy spending time with someone, it is a sign that you may have to put the relationship aside. Isn’t one of the primary causes we share with the other, is that we’re having fun together (at least sometimes)?


  1. Trust is a key component of the relationship. If two people trust each other, and if they know that they are always behind each other in any problem (no matter what the problem is), the basis of this relationship is both reliable and valuable.


  1. The common interests, hobbies and activities of two people, however low, are a strong indicator of maintaining their relationship, i.e. if the hobby of you and the other party is interesting (or at least not boring) you can have a good time together.


  1. You will not find any husband and wife who agree on everything, but if they have little agreement on their religion, political faction or interests, then they can build their lives on the basis of the same value basis.


  1. There are arguments in all relationships, but in a healthy relationship, these arguments and disagreements grow the relationship and the opportunity to practice patience, empathy and find new ways of making decisions and connections.


  1. Of course, all good relationships are grounded on sharing, but intimacy and agreement are not too common! In the best relationships, both people have their own separate identities and are not afraid to “be themselves” and think and behave like themselves.


  1. In healthy relationships, it does not matter who is the breadwinner and who has assumed the responsibility of housekeeping and child-keeping, but both sides respect the other’s position and none of them feel abused, preyed on or exploited or do not appreciate it, and there is always room for growth.


  1. If your spouse’s attractiveness score is less than 7 from 1 to 10, then there is no love relationship for you anymore. Of course, remember, this scoring is for you, not the rest of the people, nor your mother, nor your close friend. Think about improving the relationship.


  1. For victories, decisions, goals, beliefs, etc. Have your own sponsor. If someone is waiting to celebrate your success, your relationship is probably worth a bit of effort.


  1. You both need to know that life is dynamic and everything is growing and changing. So the harder you are against change, the harder you can have a healthy relationship and have fun.


  1. No one can make his wife’s fantasy of “perfectionism” for the rest of his life! Correct yourself.


  1. If you want to maintain your relationship, but the other partner does not want this, there will not be much you can do!



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