Rare rough ruby goes on display in Dubai

His little nickname: Burj Alhamal. One of the world’s largest rough rubies was first shown to the public on Friday at a hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, ahead of its auction. The 8,400-carat stone, weighing 2.8 kg, is “one of the largest” rough rubies ever unearthed and is among the “rarest rubies”, according to Patrick Pilati, managing director of SJ Gold and Diamond , which exposes it.

“It’s a rough ruby ​​from Tanzania…it’s unheated, which means it hasn’t been treated. So it is natural and that is why it is precious,” he explained. “Before putting it up for auction, it will be displayed in different locations in Dubai for the next 30 days.”

More than 100 million at stake?

The price of this stone with greenish and dark purple hues could reach 120 million dollars.


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