Photos of love

photos of love

In a photographic competition named Love 2020, photographers around the world were challenged to picture the best love. More than 11000 photos were submitted. The best photos have been chosen. Here are some of the best photos on the list.


dog love
Two Australian shepherds hugging each other.

Loving bird

loving bird

The parakeet baby bird was rescued by this boy from the storm that how he shows his love.




ulos photos of love
The craftswoman grandson hugging her from behind and she replied the act with a smile

Innocent smile

innocent smile

Two schoolgirls feeling love in their friendship and that’s where they have decided to express it.

Chimpanzee love

champanze's love photos of love

It’s one of the most touching photos of the competition, recording the moment of absolute care of a mother for her baby.


whole heartedly photos of love

A mother and her son trying to stay out of the rain by hiding under a plastic blanket



Loving the goat

loving the goat photos of love

This woman’s love for the goat in the middle of the crowd gives anyone a feeling to hug an animal.

Strong bond

the strong bond

This little girl is seeing her aunt for the first time, but the kisses and the hug indicates a strong love filling the atmosphere already.

Love along the beach

beach love photos of love

Just by looking at the photo, we can hear the sound of waves hitting the shore. These two lovebirds have decided to hold each other’s hands and enjoy the moment despite the stormy weather.


Animal’s kiss

seal love

Two brown are kissing where they’re almost lost in the crowd.


Calm love

calm love photos of love

Two loves are enjoying the view of the sea while sitting on the blue chairs while laying against each other.


Teenage love

love story

The young couple is spending time together in an old fashion way. The beauty of their love is easily transmitted through this photo.


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