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Pavilions for the Expo 2020 Dubai 

expo 2020 DUbai

Expo 2020 is hosted by Dubai and opens on October 20. This is a world expo held on a 438-hectare area between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Vice president and ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid announced the theme for the Expo 2020, “connecting minds, creating the future”. There are three subthemes of “Opportunity”, “mobility” and “sustainability”; each one of these subthemes has their own pavilions with unique design and architecture.

Expo is organized every 5 years and lasts 6 months which will bring millions to Dubai to share their idea and enjoy others.

Here, we’re going to take a look at some of the best pavilions of Expo 2020.


UAE pavilion

UAE pavilion expo 2020

The design resembles the wings of a falcon, referring to the country’s falconry or their future goals.


Luxembourg, opportunity

Luxembourg, opportunity

The theme for Luxembourg’s pavilion design is Opportunity. It reflects the past, present, and future of the country.


Austria, mobility

Austria expo 2020

Austria’s pavilion evokes creative solutions. The pavilion is built with 9000 years old soil with an opportunity theme.


UK, opportunity

UK pavilion expo 2020

The pavilions draw inspiration from the last project of Steven Hawking back in 2015, inviting all people around the world to send a message to extraterrestrial life.


Netherland, sustainability

Netherland expo 2020 dubai

The pavilions comprise a conical structure, showing how our basic needs, food, water, and energy are connected.


Germany, sustainability

Germany expo 2020

In the German pavilion, visitors will discover the place with the help of an intelligent assistant. It’s designed to be a place for knowledge, research, and communication.


Oman, mobility


Oman’s pavilion is designed to resemble both Islamic and Omani architecture. It has 5 different zones and each one has some information about the pavilion.


Switzerland, opportunity

Switzerland expo 2020

The key aspect of the country is reflected in the design of its pavilion.


Belgium, mobility


The ark shape design of the pavilion is due to increased energy production. The pavilion is designed to use renewable energy resources to feed its needs.


Australia, mobility

Australia expo 2020

Australia’s pavilion is a showcase of their ambition, optimism, and creativity.


Canada, sustainability


The pavilion is a wooden structure symbol of collaboration toward a better future.


China, opportunity

China expo 2020

China’s pavilion is one of the largest pavilions at Expo 2020 which symbolizes hope and a bright future by integrating china’s traditional cultural elements with modern technology.


Finland, mobility

Finland expo 2020 Dubai

Finland’s pavilion resembles an Arabic tent made of snow and tries to bring the country’s culture and elements and integrate it with the culture of the host.


India, Opportunity


The design resembles the culture, future, and advancements in technologies.


Latvia, mobility

latvia pavilion expo 2020

It a curvy and continues structure or as it says, it’s a journey through imagination and thoughts.


Japan, opportunity


Guests are welcome to the huge origami-like structure, the traditional Japanese art. The next EXPO will be held in Japan. So the Japanese did their best to let you know how important it is to them.


Italy, opportunity


Italy’s pavilion consists of 3 overturned halls in the shape of ships. It’s a journey through history to the future, reflecting creativity, innovation, and skills of the country’s companies.


Monaco, Opportunity

Monaco expo 2020 dubai

The pavilion is a gem-like structure inspired by “Rock of Monaco” to take visitors through a mirrored space.


Spain, sustainability


The conical shape structure increases the airflow to keep visitors cool and resembles the old Spain environment in the shape of a town square.


Singapore, sustainability

Singapore expo 2020 dubai

The net-zero energy pavilions is a showcase of Singaporean innovation


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