Our world may have been made in a laboratory

About a century ago, Albert Einstein was looking for a court-proof explanation to replace bigbong. The beginning of time was philosophically unacceptable to Einstein. However, much time has passed since then and various conjectures have been made as to why the universe came into existence. For example, some scientists believe that our world was created by a vacuum fluctuation. Meanwhile, some scientists claim that our world was created by a very advanced civilization in a laboratory.

Since our world has flat geometry with zero energy, an advanced civilization may have acquired the technology to create a universe smaller than nothingness through quantum tunneling. Currently, we do not have the knowledge to integrate the two main pillars of modern physics, quantum mechanics and gravity. However, a very advanced civilization may have achieved this technology to create small examples like ours. If this happens, not only will we achieve the creation of the universe, but a world like ours can be likened to a biological mechanism that extends its life for several generations.

If we believe this theory, we can assume that our world was not selected for human life. Contrary to the anthropic argument, this theory shows that our world was selected to cultivate sophisticated human civilizations. On the other hand, according to this line of thinking, our civilization is still galactically barren because we cannot reproduce the world that created us. From this point of view, the technological level of civilizations should not be calculated according to their power. Instead, the rate of technological progress of a civilization must be calculated by its ability to reproduce the astrophysical conditions that led to its creation.

From this point of view, we can say that we are still a civilization at a very low level. Because even after the destruction of the Sun, we cannot create conditions for life on Earth. Worse, we may be even further behind in terms of civilizational progress, because man-made technologies have caused climate change and created the conditions for the destruction of the earth. A civilization with more advanced technology must be able to adapt to these changes in case of sudden changes. Let us not go further and say that a much more advanced civilization should be able to create galactic conditions and possibly build a small galaxy in the lab.


Such a feat seems impossible given the physical science humans have achieved so far. However, the emerging challenges of building the universe, such as creating massive, dense dark energy in small regions, are among the issues currently being debated in the scientific community.

Since a universe capable of generating another universe like itself would require a sophisticated civilization, it is unlikely that this possible civilization would have many examples. Simply put, one would not expect many advanced civilizations to have such technology to build another universe in the lab. On the other hand, the necessary conditions for the creation of the universe must also be considered. It is unlikely that any advanced civilization can easily meet these conditions.

However, it is likely that our civilization is not the only intelligent civilization in the universe. This assumption may seem disturbing to people who have known humanity to be the only intelligent civilization for centuries. However, since major astronomical projects such as the Galileo project have begun, we can expect more information about how the universe formed in the future. The main goal of Galileo is to find intelligent civilizations in other galaxies. However, major threats, such as the disappearance of the sun in the very distant future, expose the inhabitants of this planet to extinction. This has already happened in the past. As you can see, the impact of a huge meteorite is one of the main causes of dinosaurs. Undoubtedly, the knowledge of the origin of our universe holds the most important secrets of mankind


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