Opening time of malls in Dubai during Eid Ad Adha

shopping mall in dubai opening time

With Eid Al Adha is approaching fast, it’s time to set our clocks to hit the shopping malls at the right time. This year, Dubai will have 4 days of celebration and visitors can stay longer for the holiday.  Since many people will hit the shopping malls in Dubai, the shops need to stay open longer.

Some people find Eid Al Adha the best time to go outside the country, while some others are already looking forward to finding the opening time of malls in Dubai to spend their time. The good news is opening time will be extended for Eid Al Adha. So there’s no need to rush. Take your time and stay up after midnight because malls in Dubai will be open until 1-2 A.m.


Opening time of shopping malls in Dubai

Some malls like Malls of Emirates, City Center Deira and City Center Mirdif will be open until 1 A.M. normally all shopping centers close at midnight. Hence, shoppers will have an extra hour of shopping during the Eid.

Ibn Battuta Mall and F&B have also opted for an extra hour. Ibn Battuta Mall has roaming entertainment shows too, like steam Punk Parade, Looney Tune Shows, etc.

The Dubai Mall, which is the largest mall in Dubai and the world, will be accepting visitors until 2 am from 8 august (today) to 17. Although food outlets will be open just until 1 am.

Dubai Festival City, where fireworks and IMAGINE show take place will close at 1 am.


Most of the malls in Dubai have entertaining programs, offer gift card promotions and discounts.


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