Nusret, a Turkish chef who became a global brand

Nusret Gugche is the real name of a well-known Turkish chef who is known today as “Salt Bae” and one of his videos has been scattered on social media in these days. In this video, he scraps a piece of meat with all his charm and finesse, and add some salt to it in a special style. 

His last movement, after cutting out a large piece of meat, is to bend his elbow and, with a movement of cobra snake, rolling out some salt on his arm and purring it on the meat. Gugche is a Turkish chef who runs several restaurants  for grilles and famous restaurants for Slicing steak in this country which the name of “Nusret” is written on their screens. But even after the pervasiveness of this video and the popularity of his gesture on social media, his fans do not seem to know anything about this person and his skills.


What is the meaning of the name of his chain restaurant?

The name of his grilles and restaurants has been taken from his name, but he has used a special style in writing and editing the word. The term “Nusret” in principle means victory, but you should know that the term “et” in Turkish means meat. So the real name of his restaurants, written as “Nusr-Et”, is an interesting and clever combination of his name and the term “meat” are in Turkish, as in the name of his name, he has reached a great success in the field of restaurant and cooking, and nowadays everyone in the Middle East knows him. Even before the release of his famous video, he had several restaurants  in Turkey and his steak was very famous.

His special gesture has found many fans

His gesture and style have been very unique in flavoring his steaks that so many artists all over the world inspired by him. In fact, in these days, many of his paintings, or figures like him, with shoulder-backed hair, with sunglasses on his shoulders, holding his hands fixed, and bending the wrist in a symbolic movement, in the media space Social networks. In this way, his reputation in the media becomes so high that even the artists are inspired by him and compare him to the famous cartoon charactersHis special action have come a long way in sipping meat

For Salt Bae, maybe his particular method of sipping meat, indicates his particular style and his great interest in the process of cooking and preparing meat, but his followers believe differently, and this action has other meanings for them. This action has been imitated by many after doing an action correctly and skillfully. So It is imitated by many individuals, including athletes and even pilots of fighter planes.



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