Some of the ways to advertise in the virtual world

    How can big and small companies and stores who want to grow their business and wish to increase their customers? How can they attract their audience?               

   The newest marketing and advertising methods in the world

Marketing and online advertising are the first and best offer of experts and experts around the world, especially in advanced countries.

The newest marketing and advertising methods in the world

1 – Advertising in animation banners on some of the most popular websites, which, of course, costs a lot.

2 – If you do not have the power to pay a lot of money, you can advertise your banner ads by clicking on the ads in order to display your advertising at the expense of you at several top rated sites;This system of advertising is carried out by Google in many countries under the title (Google Adwords and Google Adsense) and is carried out in Iran by Virlen.

3- Contextual advertising on sites with Google Top Rank. Of course, be sure to note that if the link to the advertisement is no-followed, it has almost no effect and of course, it’s necessary to continue to be a maverick for better performance for at least a year, which will also help improve your site’s ranking on Google results.

4- Advertising on Google is definitely one of the most effective advertising methods.

5- Advertising on social networks is also one of the most targeted and effective online marketing methods..

6- Creative promotional teasers with display in online video networks are one of the newest and best practices that can have a lot of impact with minimal cost.

7-Email marketing is a much-targeted advertising that will quickly see its effective results if you send it to your audience email bank.

8 – Advertising is best on Android and ios iPhone for companies that have mobile app or site with the mobile version.

9- Posting ads on news sites and news sites to your site can be both branding and SEO-friendly for your site.

10- The inclusion of link-free ads in the site requirements to optimize the site in Google’s results is one of the traditional and effective advertising methods.

11-There is a new way to sell better online store products in Europe and America by the Amazon website and in Iran by the Virlen website store, In which Amazon’s website places store products on its site And users click on it to the original seller’s website to link to and buy from there.

12-Selling products and services through discount and group purchases are one of the newest and least costly promotional methods currently being implemented in Iran. 13-Finally, creating a page in social networks, forums and blogs, and updating it daily is a must.


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