Mariah Carey and Hussain Al Jassmi free concert in Dubai

mariah carey and hussain al jassmi concert dubai

Cheer up, ladies and gentlemen. Mariah Carey is going to perform a free concert in Dubai. The beloved singer of the ’90s along with one of the best Arab male singers, Hussain Al Jassmi, will be in Dubai this month.

The concert is going to commemorate the one year mark until Expo 2020. So don’t forget to be there on Sunday, October 20 at 8:20 pm. so it’s fairly straight forward. 20:20:20! That is exactly one year before one of the most exciting and largest international exhibitions, which is going to be held in Dubai this time.

So if you’re interested in free concerts, fireworks, and light shows, you better set your alarm. Aside from Mariah Carey and Al Jassmi, DJ Bliss, other artists like Abri, and the Funk Radius and Khalifa have been listed as the entertainers for the night. It’s not hard to imagine how Dubai’s going to look like this year and the year later.


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