Japanese cuisine in “Rice”

Around the world people put different foods into their meals throughout the day. These foods may be from the city’s main, local cuisine, or are among the dishes of other cities that have been popularized by various people in the city.

In addition to this variety of foods, there is another point about customs and how to cook food, which makes it sweeter to eat when traveling to a city. In this article, we are going to search about Japan and get to know some of the best Japanese cuisine and more information about “Rice”.


A review of the country’s food:

In any article, it is better to look at the history and past of the most delicious Japanese cuisine before anything. One of the things we need to know about the customs and how to cook Japanese cuisine is that in the distant past, immigrants traveling from other countries also imported the food of their homeland into the country, and the Japanese people accepted it with open arms and entered other customs.


When importing different foods into the country, the foods themselves were imported, so that from each land a meal with immigrants was offered to the Japanese people, and the Japanese people, taking into account the tastes of the people of their homeland, would examine the food and make the necessary changes in the way they cooked or the ingredients used in it. There is a method called oiling in this country, which is a relic of the Korean and Chinese people in the past in this land. To find out about this method, it is necessary to say that in this method, the raw materials are placed in a very high heat in a large volume of oil and are prepared quickly, in which the taste and property of the materials used in the food is preserved more.


Ingredients used in the diet

As mentioned above, the ingredients used in the best Japanese cuisine are among the best and highest quality foods. The following is a description of these materials…


1- Beans (soybeans) in cooking the best Japanese dishes

One of the best and main ingredients used in cooking food in this land is beans called soy beans. The creativity of the Japanese people, the taste and property of this material has caused them to create a variety of foods and delicious foods. You may have tasted soy sauce by now and you are excited by its unique taste, which should be said that this savory condiment is derived from this soybean. Other foods derived from this brain material include cheese called photo and soy bean powder and … It is noted that each of its kind is unique and of course each of these said ingredients is the main ingredient in cooking special foods. If you visit Japan and taste the country’s cuisine, you’ll notice that with soy beans they make a variety of savory and smelly dishes.


2- Rice in the best Japanese cuisine

In the case of rice in this country, one can dare say that the main foodstuff is that in the absence of it, many cooks are left halfway. Since 2,000 years ago, it has been in first place on the country’s food list.

As for the value of this substance in the list of foods in this land, it should be noted that they even use this ingredient in the preparation of breakfast. It should be noted that this rice is used as a given cook. One of the characteristics of this rice is its shorter than rice in other countries, which has also differentiated it from other rice.

How to cook Japanese rice is to prepare and eat the required amount of rice with enough salt in the form of kateh. When traveling to Japan and the desire for special dishes, you will find rice with a 90% chance in the food you want, which is proof of the case.

3- Green tea in the best Japanese cuisine

Other important and practical ingredients in the best Japanese foods are green tea, which when preparing and even eating it, does not use any other ingredients and is consumed in a pure manner and is of course full of property. Japan has many special drinks on its delicious list, with China’s green tea in first place on the list.

In everywhere in the world, when eating green tea, it has a variety of flavors, sugars and lemons… They add that this addition of ingredients is not seen in Japan, and this has made green tea popular in the diet of this particular country. Of course, the only tea used among the people of this country is not green tea, tea called Black Tea Kocha also has a special reputation and popularity among the natives of the country, which is second in the beverage list and has many fans. These fans are not only natives, because the good flavor and aroma of this tea attracts native and tourist varieties.


4- Seaweed in Japanese Food

The next ingredient we describe is seaweed, which you must have heard of in a variety of seafood and countries. In Japan, there are different and very tasty soups that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. In the case of raw materials used in the preparation of soups, it should be said that seaweed plays an important role.

In addition to soup in other foods of this country, it is possible to find this important ingredient that plays a major role in the preparation of food. These seaweeds come from the Japanese seas themselves, with about 1,200 seaweed types reported, according to research conducted in the country’s seas. Of these 1,200 algae can be used as algae called Wakama, Kunbo and Nouri, etc. He noted that each of them has a unique cooking and preparation method on the food list of the people of this country.

One of the foods that the way they cook depends on these algae and its flavor and aroma owes to it, can be sanbi, ramen, onigiri and sushi, etc. From popular Japanese food, different algae can be found in each of these.

For example, we can mention how Kunbo algae is consumed from Japanese foods, which are initially dried and used when making soup, which gives a special flavor and aroma to the soup. Other algae are also unique in their kind, each of which has been able to cook privately and are used in different foods.


Etiquette of eating in Japan

Each country has its own customs in different fields of clothing, behavior and food and … It determines that these customs of Japanese cuisine originate from many things. One of the most important points during Japan is the customs of eating alongside its natives, who place great value and respect for these customs.

This is so important that even ceremonies are held under the title of ancient rituals of eating customs in the country. These customs ceremonies are so spectacular that it is safe to say that it has become one of the tourist attractions of the country itself, attracting many tourists. One of the most important customs of this country is to say a special sentence before meals.

A sentence entitled “Ita Daki Maso” has become one of the most important customs before eating the country’s food. “Gucciso Sama Dashita” is also a sentence that is said at the end of the meal, which also includes itself on the country’s food customs list. If you are curious about the meaning of these two sentences, it should be said that the two sentences were expressed at the time of thanksgiving to God and the host, which today has become one of the most important food customs in this country.

The next move, which has still shaped the customs of popular Japanese food, is horth-pulling, which is specifically for watery and soup-like foods. Doing this move while eating means being satisfied with how to cook and thank the host.

If you travel to Japan and become a guest of the natives, be sure to pay attention to these customs while eating so as not to cause discomfort and undue respect for the hosts and natives.


Best Japanese Cuisine

It’s also not bad to get to know some of the best Japanese dishes to make your trip more pleasant if you travel to the country with customs and knowledge of delicious foods.

The best Japanese cuisines are Okonomyaki, Miso, Taco Rice, Nebe, Tamagviaki, Tai Yaki,Kabayaki, Uchazuki, Language Feed, etc. Noted. The way each of these foods is cooked as the best Japanese cuisine is special and unique and uses a variety of ingredients in its preparation. In “Rice” we are here to cook the best Japanese Cuisine that you’ve ever eat.

Some of Rice’s properties:

-High customer satisfaction

-High quality

– High operating speed



In this article, we learned about the diet and how to cook and the ingredients of some of the best Japanese foods, and found that the people of the land of the sun use the best foods and the healthiest type in preparing their foods, each of which is prepared with a specific cooking method which is available anytime in RICE.




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