How to Become the Owner of Dream Houses in Dubai

As the most popular city in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai attracts more than 15 million annual visitors. Dubai is the world of superlatives, including the tallest building called Burj Khalifa, the largest artificial island Palm Jumeirah and its luxurious dream houses.

Not to mention its world-famous skyline and premium property spots such as Dubailand and Business Bay which made Dubai a city with the best infrastructure and quality of living in the Middle East.

Dubai’s Real Estate Market

Dubai’s fast-paced evolution into becoming the most fantastic city in the world has marked its dominance in the Middle East and the rest of the world. Despite the initial slow-paced progress of the Dubai real estate market due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become a robust and profitable venue in 2021. Real estate in Dubai has grown to be the most exciting and lucrative rental deal in the world.

The Perks of Becoming a Landowner in Dubai

Another peculiar fact is that the ownership of a property in Dubai will grant you an eligible visa in the United Arab Emirates. Attaining the 10-year Resident Visa in Dubai comes with many perks, including the eligibility to open bank accounts, obtain a driver’s license, and register a car in Dubai. Moreover, the whole process will take no more than a couple of weeks.

Laws of Purchasing Property in DubaiThis Crown jewel of Arab Emirates has successfully persuaded property investors worldwide with its unique futuristic real estate plans. Still, investors and buyers need to know the fundamental Dubai property laws to ensure making safe deals. Not many know about these aspects; I bet that you didn’t realize that getting a residential permit in UAE does not grant you the right to work there.

To purchase newly constructed projects in Dubai, you have to make payments in installments. Important to add that a purchase agreement sometimes requires an amount transfer to a third party. You need not worry about these facts as D-Estate properties can provide you with expert property brokers and management experience in this field. D-Estate is a newly established 

real estate advisory that has been administering the state of art solutions for selling, renting, and managing residential and commercial properties.Our team of experienced and professional dealers can offer you significant advisory on the best ways of making investments in the city of gold.


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