How to become charismatic?

How to become charismatic?

How to become charismatic?

Charismatic managers can convince their followers to be loyal and even to work harder.

Charismatic managers can convince their followers to be loyal and even work harder. But is there a way to become a charismatic leader, or how can everyone achieve this level in a way?

In fact, it’s not uncommon for individuals to find a way to find a definition of “charisma”  which is appropriate to social science and society.

Finally, charisma results in excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Since these skills are learnable and progressive, as a result it is possible to improve your charisma.

How to be charismatic?

Being Charismatic needs that you pay close attention to your engagement; Charisma’s behaviors are positive behaviors and attract others.

Perhaps ideologically, professionally or socially, a charismatic person is someone who uses his/her skills to bring individuals to himself/herself. For these reasons, charisma is normally associated with leadership skills; charisma is a key feature of a successful leader.

When people ask an individual to name a charismatic person, their minds often turn out to be a public figure such as a politician, super star, or leader. These people are often successful for their charisma, but there are many “normal” ones who have a charismatic character. The student who is loved  by everyone at school, or a restaurant waiter who is received the tips  the most, or someone in the office that is loved  by all, are all charismatic persons.

Charisma like beauty, luck, and social status can open up lots of things in life. But these are the features that may not be easy to gain, while everyone can be charismatic.

Some are more charismatic than others. But what makes charisma? Here are some charismatic personality characteristics and how these features can be improved.

1. Having confidence

Charismatic individuals are the ones who are self-confident, or at least they have the ability to demonstrate themselves with confidence.

Having confidence in communicating in various situations, like face to face, group or in front of a group of audiences, is a skill that many individuals do not succeed in. A charismatic person does not just feel secure in communicating, but also helping others to be self-confident and thus helping and reinforcing the communication process.

Charismatic individuals are confident in a positive way, without being proud and selfish.

2- showing optimism

Along with confidence,  charismatic individuals are optimistic or capable of showing optimism.

It means trying to see the good things of others, the circumstances and the events. Normally they are with happy and ” frisky” while facing it others. Charismatic individuals have the ability to encourage others to look at things like themselves, and so they can excite others and make individuals feel more optimistic.

3.Acting emotionally

If you are not optimistic and not self-confident, you require to be “acting”. Although charismatic individuals are good at presenting their real emotions when they are in their favor, they are normally well-behaved in playing a role in a way that makes others believe in what they see.

The strong analogy of swimming here is useful. It looks calm and focused, but under the water surface and away from the obscure eyes of observer, many activities are going on.

Besides charismatic individuals are fascinated, it means other ones want to listen to them, and they are absorbed, that is, they want to listen to others.

Charismatic individuals are often good storytellers, and when they speak or explain something, They have involving behavior. They are able to convey their  message clearly and briefly, and their seriousness and timely use of prank makes their audience accurate and focused.

When they facing face-to-face situations, or are among small groups, they have open and relaxed body language and create lots of eye contact. They are waiting for feedback from their audience and they are transparent about their feedback, taking into account the feedback they receive. When they are in larger groups and  to others, their body language is exaggerated to cover everyone.

Also charismatic individuals pay attention to others. They normally ask explicit questions to understand the views, ideas, and feelings of others, and they often receive honest and heartfelt responses for their ability to create comfortable feelings in others. The charismatic individual shares the thoughts with others and pays attention to them, and the details of previous conversations remain in his/her memory and so such a person is respected and trusted.

Intimate smile, keeping eye contact and being polite is a very effective way to attract people to your side. If you treat others well and be kind toward them, the likelihood that others will do what you want is more.

4.Show intelligence

Charismatic individuals like to be able to communicate effectively with others and often they start a topic conversation easily. Normally they are clever and they have an updated knowledge of current developments and have comprehensive information. This makes it easier to start a conversation, that is sometimes difficult.

Charismatic individuals often have specialist knowledge in a field and are able to explain complex subjects in a way that their audience understand them and coordinate their explanations with the abilities, perspectives and expertise of those who listen to their words. Also specialist knowledge makes others believe and trust in a charismatic person.

5. Being assured

The power of charisma, it is the ability to make individuals do what you want, or to unite them for a common goal.

This ability can be used in good or bad ways. Charismatic leaders can encourage and stimulate their followers so individuals do what they want to do. A charismatic individual may use his/her skills to win the trust and respect of his/her victims and gain their money or valuable property from them.

Charismatic individuals are assured, but normally not so much. They can persuade others with their words, encourage others to optimism and self-esteem, and be assured by using an understanding of his /her feelings and others.

6-Paying attention to details

Charisma means paying attention to the details of how interpersonal interaction happens.

Charismatically means communicating dynamically, with enthusiasm, and showing a positive body language. It requires positive thinking, optimism and self-esteem. Charismatic means being persuasive and building respect and trust toward others.

All of us, with understanding and practicing, can learn to be more charismatic by developing our interpersonal skills. Keep in mind, no matter how charismatic you are, you can not be satisfied at the same time.


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