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Best Technologies of 2019

Best Technologies of 2019

Researchers  at the Gartner Research Institute recently announced the launch of a new and up-to-date list of Best Technologies of 2019, and then briefly reviewed each of them. According to a report published on the Business Insider website, the following is a list of the five top-notch technologies that researchers say will change the future of the world:

Autonomous Driving (Robot Car)

best technologies of 2019

When you listen to autonomous cars first thing to come to your mind is Tesla, & yes it is a leading organization in the autonomous field who are trying to develop autonomous driving cars.

As we know gasoline cars oldest type in the automobile sector, but now day’s electrical cars come with a new concept in the automobile sector. Tesla is one of the excellent and stylish car makers in the world

Autonomous Driving car is the integration of Machine Language, Artificial Intelligent, advanced sensors, and processing power systems.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) System:

AI (Artificial intelligence) made possible that machines can learn from experience, provides output to inputs so that machine can perform human-like tasks. There are lots of application we are using today such as facebook, google maps, PayPal, chess-playing computers, self-driving cars these are few to mention here – rely heavily on AI. With the use of Artificial Intelligence computers can be trained to perform specific work by implementing data in the system.

Artificial Intelligence is the integration of machine and computer science to create the human-like machine that would perform all the task that a human can perform. Also, it is the branch of computer science which deal with creating the intelligent machines.

 Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a subset of AI. With Machine Learning, computers are programmed to learn to do something they are not programmed to do: They literally learn by discovering patterns and insights from data. In general, we have two types of learning, supervised and unsupervised.

While Machine Learning is a subset of AI, we also have subsets within the domain of Machine Learning, including neural networks, natural language processing (NLP), and deep learning. Each of these subsets offers an opportunity for specializing in a career field that will only grow.


best technologies of 2019

A blockchain means is a growing list of records and this list of records linked with using cryptography. Today’s scenario blockchain is very famous for cryptocurrencies and this blockchain readable by the public. There are two types of blockchains use normally; one is private blockchain for business purpose and second one snake oil blockchain for marketing purpose.

Blockchain was technology use for Bitcoin or all types of the crypto-currencies. We would like to see this tech trend in real life and hope you are also excited.

Brian Microchips

The scientist did lots of hard work on Brian Microchips, it is a technology which connects human brains with help of the microchips. As we know technology change rapidly, Brain Microchips is the combination of Computer Science and electronics. This technology connects your brains and operated by programming system, and you can store data with help of microchips.

Intel was already predicted that they able to implement this system 2019-20. Now currently it possible to put a microchip in brain and store data or neural activates conducted by this new technology. As per the survey, it is the latest technology in the world.

Certainly, we are also waiting for this tech trend.

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UAE Passport most powerful in the world!

UAE Passport


Emiratis have access to 167 countries without prior visa applications

Abu Dhabi, Dubai: The UAE passport has jumped to Number 1 as the world’s most powerful passport on Saturday, December 1, 2018 — on the eve of the country’s 47th National Day celebrations, according to the Dubai Media Office.

With this historic achievement, UAE passport holders are now able to gain visa-free entry to 167 countries worldwide, according to Passport Index.

The UAE passport was ranked No. 27 in December 2016. In October this year, it rapidly notched higher to No. 4.

Then it went up to No. 3 on November 8, with Emirati citizens able to fly to 163 countries without securing a visa prior to departure — just behind Singapore and Germany, whose citizens are able to travel visa-free to 165 countries.

Four more countries were added to the UAE list as of December 1, 2018.

UAE Passport


The achievement is historic for the Emirates: it coincides with the ‘Year of Zayed’ and country’s 47th National Day, and is added to country’s numerous accomplishments in various domains.


Source: Gulf News

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Life Skills Lifestyle

How to be happier In Life?

be happy in life

A significant increase in the cost of living has made many people, at best, responsible only for their expenses,however, one should not neglect the effort to be happy in life. There is no consensus on whether or not money is fortunate,but there are ways by which and by spending some money can live happier.
If you plan to allocate a budget forhappiness, consider the following.

How to live happier?

Spend your money on a small, but repeatable joy than on a great joy. People who have a lot of low-cost entertainment, such as buying books and CDs or going picnics as a common, are more satisfied with life than those who avoid such pleasures throughout the year, and instead go to an expensive trip abroad each year.

Spend your money with basic emotions. Part of the reason why spending money does not make people happy is that they spend their money on incentives like competing with neighbors and relatives. Such costs rarely create happiness in the individual, although they satisfy the sense of keeping up with the Joneses.

Spend the money for others. A study by professors at the University of British Columbia suggests that spending on others can bring more joy to a person.

So do not forget to buy gifts for others as well as help charities. Of course, the same research shows that the amount you allocate to others has little impact on the level of satisfaction you gain from this, which means you do not have to spend a lot of money on buying expensive gifts for others.

Buy time. Sometimes you can spend a little money to have more free time. For example, allocate some of the things that take a lot of time and pay him money in return.

In this case, you can do interesting activities that make you feel more satisfied. For example, spend your free time learning a foreign language, visiting art exhibitions or gardening.

Spend your money on new experiences. New and, of course, pleasant experiences are often accompanied by excitement and joy. So try to spend some of your money as well as your time on things you have never done, from learning Japanese cooking to mountaineering and ecotourism with friends. They are all the things that can make you happier.

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The most beautiful stepped roads in the world

The stepped path is one of the most ingenious human innovations and structures to make the connection between two different levels. In this article, take a look at some of the most beautiful stairs in the world shared by Deutsche Welle.

*Guatemala, Colombia*

To reach the 70 million-year-old El Peñón de Guatapé rock, you have to climb 740 steps in a zigzag pattern. Of course, crossing this step is not free. At the top of the cliff you can catch your breath in a small restaurant with a unique view.
*San Juan de Gatzlogatex, Spain*

Fans of the successful Game of Thrones series are well acquainted with this staircase with 237 steps.This staircase is located on the island of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe in Spain, which leads to a monastery. In the Game of Thrones series, this staircase, of course, leads to Drachtstein Castle.

*Sky Gate, China*

Near the city of Zhangjiajie in Hunan Province, China, there is a mountain called Tianmen, with natural cavities formed inside the rock. This hole is called the sky gate, In order to reach , you have to go through a stepped path with 999 steps.

*Hongshan, China*

The Hongshan or Yellow Mountain Range with 72 peaks is located in the south of Anhui Province and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. To walk for six hours to the lotus peak at an altitude of 1,864 meters, you have to cross a staircase with 60,000 steps.

*Tiger and Tortelle, Germany*

This steel structure with a length of 220 meters and a height of 20 meters is located in the city of Duisburg and was designed and built by two artists named Hayke Motor and Ulrich Gent. With the exception of the impassable part, the rest of the road is usable and has a beautiful view of the Rhine. On cloudless days, even the city of Düsseldorf can be seen from the top of the structure. More than 880 LED lights at night create a unique view of the staircase.

*Hudson Yards, USA*

One hundred and fifty-five staircases with more than 2,500 steps connect a total of fifteen floors of the ship’s structure (Vessel). The structure is located in the Hudson Yards neighborhood in the Manhattan area of ​​New York, construction of which began in April 2017 and was commissioned in March 2019. This building reminds the viewer of a beehive.

*Stairs to Nowhere, Austria*

To reach this staircase, you must first cross the tallest suspension bridge in Austria. Nowhere does a staircase have only 14 steps and ends at a glass platform that is hung at a height of 400 meters. The staircase is located on the southern wall of the Hoor Dakhtstein mountain in central Austria. The mountain is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of Austria’s tourist attractions.

*Haiku Sigiriya Stairs, Sri Lanka*

The haiku staircase with 1,200 steps is located on the Sigiriya Rock or the Lion Rock. On this rock there are the remains of a historical castle from the fifth century AD. The castle was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1982.

*Also, Switzerland*

Many Swiss may not even know that the longest staircase in the Guinness Book of World Records, with 11,674 steps, is next to the Nizen Mountain Railway, which is used only once a year in climbing competitions. The train, which runs on a steel cable on a 66-degree slope from Mullen to Nizen at an altitude of 2,336 meters, was inaugurated on June 15, 1910.

*X major, France*

The X-Staircase in the town of Sergey, near Paris, leads to the pedestrian bridge over the River Oasis, which leads to an artificial island. The collection was designed and built by Israeli artist Danny Caravan and Spanish architect Ricardo Buffil.

*Beyrampen Stairs, Norway*

In the port city of Elson, there is a cliff 189 meters high that must be climbed more than 400 steps. It is also possible to visit the beautiful view of the cliff at night due to the use of LED lights on the trail.

*Naughty Valley, Ecuador*

There is a waterfall called the Pailón del Diablo in the area where the Pastaza River falls 80 meters near Buenos Aires. The reason behind its name is the stones in this valley that look like human skulls. A staircase has been built along this waterfall, where hundreds of thousands of tourists undoubtedly get wet every year.

*Stairs to the Vatican Museum*

The staircase of the Vatican Museum was designed in 1932 by Giuseppe Momo, who made it with green marble. The museum, which houses unique works of art and history, receives about 4 million visitors annually. The Vatican Museum was founded in 1506 by Pope Julius II.

*Batu Q, Malaysia*

Fifteen kilometers north of Kuala Lumpur are the Batu Caves, home to several Hindu temples. In 1920, a staircase with 286 steps was built to make it easier for pilgrims to reach the temples of these caves. More than 1.5 million people visit Batu Kyu annually. Of course, macaque monkeys should be warned where they steal tourists’ belongings.

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In what countries are the most beautiful train journeys in the world?

Large glass windows show stunning views of the snow-capped mountains for travelers, and a digital travel guide provides stories about the route and its scenic views.


Many of us prefer to travel by train for holidays to avoid the hustle and bustle of airports, especially as the health concerns and anxiety have increased as a result of the Corona epidemic and climate change, this forced people to use alternative means of traveling.

There are several benefits to travel by train; from panoramic views to delicious carts for travelers and so many other benefits.

Club Med has ranked the best and most beautiful train trips using the average ticket price according to the Trip Advisor travel website rankings as well as the beautiful attractions that travelers will see along the way.

1. *Bernina Express train*

The Bernina Express takes passengers from the Swiss River and from the mountainous border to Tirano in Italy. The train crosses 55 tunnels and 196 bridges and reaches the highest point of the road at 2253 meters above sea level.

Large glass windows show stunning views of the snow-capped mountains to travelers, and a digital travel guide provides stories about the route and its scenic views.


2. *Gun, Australia*

For more than ninety years, trains have been transporting passengers across Australia, from Adelaide in South Australia to Darwin in the north. This train has many things that distinguish it from similar ones; private cabins and high quality food which is similar to multi-star hotels.

Along the way, pleasant events are planned for you outside the train; excursions from home, sunrise at the famous Uluru site and seafood dinner at Darwin Harbor.

3. *Flam Railway, Norway*

This luxury train travels through western Norway, taking passengers from the sea level at the end of the Aurlandsfjord in Norway, to an altitude of 867 meters in the mountains at Mirdal Station.

The train also stops for five minutes so that passengers can take pictures in the beautiful Kjosfossen waterfall. This waterfall has a legendary story about the ghost of a beautiful girl named “Holder” who appears in front of travelers with long hair and red dress.


4. *Glassier Express, Switzerland*

The Glacier Express connects the two main mountain resorts of Zermatt and St. Moritz and offers stunning panoramic views of the Alps along the way.

During the eight-hour journey, you can enjoy ready meals on the train. The train provides passengers with natural drinks from the vineyards through which the train passes along the route.


5. *Rocky Mountaineer train in Canada*

The world’s best luxury train travels through the Rocky Mountains of Canada and can visit 9 different destinations along the way. The Rocky Climbing Train is ranked as one of the most attractive options and it is known for its numerous rugged daily trips, making it the most rugged landscape in the world.

As a part of the luxury experience, a tour guide is available to guide travelers to the sights of the specially designed glass dome, which can be seen outdoors.

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The most beautiful beaches in the world

One way to start a good day is to think of a sandy beach with crystal clear waters, and it is better to spend a vacation on one of these beaches.

The British website has reviewed more than 26 million Instagram hashtags related to beaches around the world and has compiled a list of the most beautiful beaches, which are listed in the top 20 beaches in this list.

Half of these twenty beaches are in Europe.

Beach Sites, Barcelona, Spain

The beaches of Stages near Barcelona are a pleasant place to spend a family holiday. These beaches are famous for their calm waters and extremely soft sand.

In addition to enjoying the tranquility of the beach, you can also enjoy the restaurants that are located a short distance from it.


Far Dordel Beach, Dorset, England

You must have seen the photos of this beautiful beach with its famous stone arch.

This beach, which, unlike other beaches on this list, is covered with pebbles, gives its visitors a unique feeling of pleasure and relaxation.

Wing Harbor Beach, Miami, USA

Haber Wings is a small space, but full of tranquility, away from the hustle and bustle of life in Miami.

Locals in particular suggest that visitors go to the beach very early in the morning to watch the sunrise and then not forget to walk along the shoreline; A beautiful and memorable walk that leads you to the most spectacular areas of the beach.


Lanika Beach, Hawaii, USA

The beach is considered as one of Hawaii’s most iconic landmarks; One of the rarest tourist attractions in this area that is mostly enjoyed by the locals.

The sand on this beach is very soft and powdery; The water is crystal clear and the Mokulova Islands offer stunning views. You may even see sea turtles swimming during your vacation on the beach.


Kitsilano Beach, Vancouver, Canada

The locals know this popular beach as “Kit Beach”. There are all kinds of attractions on this beach for every taste. From sunbathing for those who want to have tanned bodies to water sports.

In addition to swimming in the waters of this beach, you can also visit the surrounding mountains and enjoy the clean mountain air.


Kala Gat, Kala Ratada, Spain

Located on the outskirts of the small town of Kala Ratada, the beach is only 40 meters wide. However, this small beach has a lot to make you enjoy and a combination of trees and rocky mountains around it has created a beautiful view.


Fridam Beach, Phuket, Thailand

The calm, turquoise sea that surrounds Freedom Beach has earned it the nickname “Phuket Pearl.” The coast is also covered by tropical forests and tall coconut trees.

There are two small restaurants near the beach that allow you to enjoy the colorful sand and clear sea water while eating local food.

Commodity beach Goloretze, Baoni, Italy

Kala Goloritze is a small beach with colorful waters that is covered by a ray of green and blue light on the surface of the waves. The beach is located at the bottom of a deep valley, which was created naturally by a landslide in 1962, creating something like a sardine paradise.

In this unique area, you can also experience a memorable diving among the colorful waves of the sea.


Margaret Beach, Kent, England

If you would like to spend your vacation in a classic beach resort in England, we suggest you go to Margit Beach. This beach is almost deserted and has many spectacular tides and fun; Especially the traditional British beach entertainment.

Young and old visitors can spend their days by the beach and enjoy food and drinks at the beach stalls as well as restaurants.


Kala Sauna, Formentra, Spain

Being on this beach is like being in a postcard scene. Dreamy areas that give visitors the opportunity to spend the whole day sunbathing, swimming and relaxing and enjoying the pink sunset at night.

At night, this place is an ideal spot to drink mojito and other fun drinks.


Blue Point Beach, Angasan, Bali

This beautiful coral beach is only accessible through a hidden crevice; A gap between the rocks that are surrounding the beach. Taking a difficult path to reach this beach has multiplied the pleasure of it and turned it into a hidden treasure in the heart of nature.

You can swim in its natural pools or sunbathe on its soft sands. You can also go to one of the seafood restaurants on the beach and watch the surfers while eating.


Boulders Beach, Cape Town, South Africa

On Boulders Beach you will have the opportunity to be surrounded by its most famous inhabitants, a colony of African penguins. In fact, it is the only place in the world where you can get close to these endangered creatures, which is why more than 60,000 people visit this beach every year.

Praia de Camillo Beach, Lagos, Portugal

Probably one of the most spectacular beaches in Portugal is Praia de Camilo with its golden sands and clear blue waters. Of course, in order to reach the sands, you have to cross the orange cliffs first and go down 200 wooden stairs.


North Penny Beach, Pembrokeshire, Wales

The serious efforts of environmental activists and local authorities and the extensive training provided for the conservation of nature in this tourist area have enabled the beach to receive the prestigious “Blue Flag Beach” certificate and at the same time become a paradise in Wales.

Surrounded by colorful townhouses and cliffs, the beach offers spectacular views to tourists and they can enjoy its beauty and pleasant weather all day long.


Hanaoma Bay, Hawaii, USA

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Hawaii, in the neighborhood of Honolulu. Beautiful areas that evoke “Moana” the animation that made by Disney.

Hanaoma Bay was one of the first areas in the states where marine life protection regulations were enacted, reviving its pristine marine ecosystem.


Navagio Beach, Zakynthos, Greece

This stunning beach is also known as the Shipwreck Beach. In 1983, a boat for smuggling cigarettes into Greece sank.

This beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece due to the huge rocks that are surrounding it and because of its crystal clear waters.


Tropic Coast, Calabria, Italy

Tropea Beach is a classic Italian resort and next to the historic center of the city is very attractive for tourists. This area, also known as the “Beach of the Gods”, attracts many tourists every year.

Riley Beach, Krabi, Thailand

Formerly a quiet fi shing village in Krabi, the area is now a world-class tourist destination. This beach is separated from the rest of the mainland due to a series of steep hills, so it can only be reached by boat.

The limestone cliffs of this beach that lead into the ocean and its white sands are among its spectacular views.


Klinging Beach, Nosa Panida, Bali

Bundy Beach’s crescent-shaped sand is one of Australia’s biggest tourist attractions for locals and it is just 7 km from Sydney Central Business District. Klinging Beach in Bali, which is considered the most beautiful beach in the world, is only 80 meters long. This place is a great place for photography with its famous rock in the shape of a river and clear blue sea and greenery of tropical plants.

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7 big changes that will happen in the world in 2100

In this report we will talk about the big changes that will probably happen in the world by 2100.

Our grandchildren may finally be able to keep their age at 30 if they want to, but they may not know what a puffy cloud looks like. The planet’s population is growing by the minute, and we are so caught up in our planet that it may not be recognizable by the end of 2100. Until then, it seems, people will live in a completely different world.

In the following, we will talk about the big changes that will probably happen in the world by 2100.

1. We can travel three hours from Berlin to New York

By 2100, the continents of Europe and North America are likely to be connected by a tunnel across the Atlantic. Throughout the tunnel, impermeable pipes have been installed in which trains can travel at speeds of up to 7,000 kilometers per hour. The impenetrable environment of the tunnel, thanks to the presence of magnetic fields and the absence of weather, allows the train to travel from Berlin to New York in just 3 hours.

2. There are no rainforests

So far, half of the world’s rainforests have been destroyed, and if the rate of destruction continues at that rate, all of them will be destroyed by 2100. Since 75% of the living things on Earth are in the rainforests, many of which have not yet been discovered by humans, many of these living things will also die because they have nowhere else to go.

3. People may not grow old anymore

Even in the past, humans have always looked for a way to look younger than they really are. But at that time we still did not know why we are really getting old, a small point that plays a key role in finding a way to stop the aging process.

Researchers today know that we age because of errors that accumulate at the cellular level over time. However, by 2100 we may have an error correction mechanism that reverses this process. In fact, scientists have so far identified about 60 genes that affect the aging process; So our descendants may be able to choose not to grow old after the age of 30.

4.Twenty-one countries may have become deserts

The Mediterranean basin will change much more than it has in the last 10,000 years, unless we find a way to keep the Earth’s temperature below 2 degrees. This means that forests become fields covered with thorns and debris and then deserts. This affects not only the southern regions of Spain, but also 20 other countries in the Mediterranean basin.


5. Our food resources may be depleted by 2100

If we continue our eating habits today, the world will not be able to provide us with enough food by 2100. In fact, scientists say that even if all humans became vegetarians, agricultural land would not be able to feed 10 billion people. In addition, by 2030, not everyone will be able to afford food. Some foods may be 130 to 180 percent more expensive.

6. The sea level may rise by 250 cm

In 1993, a satellite began recording sea levels. Since then, the sea level has risen by 15 to 20 centimeters. At this rate, it is estimated that by 2100 the sea level will reach 250 cm. This means that many coastlines around the world are at risk. As seawater rises, many things are at stake, including bridges, roads and water facilities – this list is not exhaustive.

In fact, it can cause storm surges as well as flooding, and even contaminate freshwater sources with saline water, which can affect natural ecosystems and agricultural water resources.

7. Our planet may become a greenhouse

Our descendants may not be able to enjoy the pleasant shadow of a cloud in 2100, because the clouds may have disappeared by then. Because clouds reflect rays of sunlight and keep our planet cool, without them the Earth’s temperature could reach 10 degrees Celsius.

This means that the planet is likely to become a greenhouse, meaning that the oceans become the heat of a stove, droughts and flash floods increase, and the air is filled with carbon dioxide. As a result, the Earth is gradually becoming an unpleasant place to live, just as it was for the creatures that lived 57 million years ago in the last period of the Earth’s greenhouses.

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Celebrities Entertainment

Celebrities who fell but got to good places

Life has many ups and downs. That many times people have to climb steep hills and endure hardships in the hope of a downhill. World cycling champion Lance Armstrong has had many such ups and downs in his life. He won the World Cycling Championship Medal after a tough fight with progressive testicular cancer. His brain disease was progressing, but Lance ignored it and remained at the top of the world news for his victories, but the sweetness of those victories soon became bitter to him. The World Anti-Doping Agency accused him of taking energy drugs and stripped him of all seven championships. This was not the only bitter incident in his life, the issue became more serious when he was banned from cycling for life. Although Lance Armstrong lost all his victories in the end, in this article you can meet successful people whose defeat was the prelude to their victory. Nobody knows maybe Armstrong did not defeat this issue and is looking for a bigger victory!


Oprah Winfrey


Oprah Winfrey is considered the richest African-American tycoon of the twentieth century, and for a time was even the only black billionaire in the world. What has made her famous is the credibility of her media, which is said to have such a multifaceted influence in the public opinion of the United States that with her support and direction she can make a book or a president successful in this country. But the childhood and adolescence of Winfrey was catastrophic, and those around her often harassed her. At that time, Winfrey decided to change her life and soon proved her media skills to everyone.





 JK Rowling


Sometimes people are jealous of the unparalleled success of the Harry Potter series and find Rowling lucky or attack her literary style, but this author has not always been lucky. Once she was divorced, she was forced to live alone with the help of the government. Rowling had written several novels before Harry Potter that did not earn her any money. The idea for the Harry Potter book came to her while she was waiting for a train at a train station and she was daydreaming.



Walt Disney


He was one of the undisputed geniuses of the art world and the founder of the Walt Disney Company. Nobody once wanted this great artist and creator of Mickey Mouse. His first serious job was driving a Red Cross ambulance, but he lost his job after the war ended. He then went to Kansas to become a journalist, but the editor fired him for lack of imagination! Disney was not even hired as an ambulance driver until his brother came to his aid and hired him at a bank. There, he designed banner ads for the bank, and it was through this that he met a famous cartoonist, started his own advertising company, and gradually set foot on the road to success.



Henry Ford


He was the founder of the Ford Automobile Plant. He was the first to use the production line to produce a cheap car. Not only did Ford revolutionize industry in Europe and the United States, but by mass-producing goods, raising workers’ wages, and lower commodity prices, he made a tremendous impact on twentieth-century economies and societies, which he called Fordism. Henry Ford became one of the most famous and richest men in history. In addition to his industrial and economic activities, he was a skilled theorist and writer. But before the production of the Model T in October 1908, he had to go through a lot of misery to succeed.


Prior to this model, he had five unsuccessful attempts in industry and commerce. Among these bottlenecks and failures are the following: Ford’s first company was the Detroit Automobile Company, but its cars were of low quality and high price, so the company was eventually dissolved. Ford did not give up and started another company, a dispute caused him to leave the company, the second company was named “Cadillac” after Ford’s departure, even when he founded Ford and Malcolmson, low sales caused It had created a serious crisis, but it overcame all these obstacles.



What sufferings did Jack London, the creator of “Wild Sound” and “White Teeth”, experience before the success of his work? Jack London was born into a poor family in San Francisco and raised in Auckland. Although he was admitted to the university, he did not have much formal education and learned everything himself, and read many literary works in the Auckland Public Library. In 1889 he found hard work in a cannery. Then, with the money he borrowed from his stepmother, he bought a boat and fished for oysters. In 1893 he went to Japan as a laborer on a submarine.


His return coincided with the economic crisis of 1893 and the workers’ struggle. He was unemployed for some time and was imprisoned in Buffalo. He then returned to Auckland and finished high school. After three months of hard work, he was accepted to the University of California in the summer, but was forced to drop out after a year due to lack of money. In 1897 he sailed with the other Klondike gold diggers to Dawson in the Yukon. After returning to Auckland, he tried to get rid of poverty and forced physical labor by writing and selling his work (he said by selling his brain). This decision coincided with the spread of cheap popular magazines looking for short stories, which enabled him to make money writing. He soon became a successful writer, and in 1900 his writing income reached $ 25,000, which was a significant amount for a writer in those days.



Colonel Sanders 


You may not have heard of Colonel Sanders, but if you look at the picture below, you can probably see why I want to mention him here. KFC has 17,000 branches in 105 countries and is the largest restaurant chain in the world after McDonald’s. The revenue of these restaurants in 2011 was over 9.2 billion dollars, which has a total of about 455 thousand employees!


Sanders first cooked his magic fried chicken at a gas station in a small Kentucky town in the 1930s during a recession in the United States. The following year he increased the number of seats in the restaurant to 142, and a few years later changed the cooking method and greatly reduced the time required to cook the chicken. In the early years, when he did not open his own restaurant chain, he had to sell his food to other restaurants, and many restaurants refused to buy from him. It is said that Sanders visited different restaurants 1009 times to agree to sell his food and returned empty-handed each time!



 Michael Jordan


Michael Jordan is a leading player in basketball history. At the beginning, he was fired from the high school basketball team, but with hard training and practice throughout the summer, he was able to prove himself. There is a famous quote from Michael Jordan that we read when we realize that he has experienced defeat many times in his sports career and each time he has won from the ruins of defeat: “During my sports life, I did not score 9,000 shots, I played 300 games. I lost, I could have scored my team’s winning shot 26 times, but I lost it. “I have failed again and again and that is why I have succeeded.”



Bill Gates

Next person on our list is Bill Gates. He grew up in a good family and maybe luck helped him, even you can accuse Gates of piracy, but without creativity and ambition, can a company as big as Microsoft be built with luck alone.



James Dyson


The vacuum cleaner was invented before Dyson, but after World War II, it was a luxury product. One of the inventors who made the vacuum cleaner universal and easy to work with was James Dyson. Vacuum cleaners typically have bags and filters that work like this: The air is diverted into the bag by an engine behind the filter and bag, and this passage of air through the bag is possible due to the millions of holes in the vacuum cleaner bag. . But the problem with these bags is that these vents are quickly closed by dust and debris, reducing power, suction and pressure on the engine, but in the 1970s, Dyson built a new generation of vacuum cleaners with cyclonic separation technology. In that high-velocity air circulation causes the waste particles to separate and separate quickly.


These vacuum cleaners do not need a garbage bag and replace it. Making this vacuum cleaner was not easy at all for Dyson, he spent 5 years making this motor with the support of his wife. During this time, Dyson is said to have built and tested prototypes 5,126 times before finally succeeding in building the G-Force vacuum cleaner in 1983. But the problem was that no factory or distribution company was willing to support his product, because his product would destroy the lucrative market for the production and distribution of vacuum cleaner bags! Dyson was forced to enter the Japanese market, where his product was fortunately so well received that in 1991 he won the International Design Award in Japan. In 1993, Dyson started his own company and, with the help of television commercials, finally introduced his vacuum cleaner to the public.



Soichiro Honda


Motor Industry is a large Japanese company known for producing motorcycles and cars. Honda is the fifth largest automaker in the world and the second largest automaker in Japan. Soichiro Honda was born in 1906 in the small Japanese town of Komio. As a child, he helped his father, who was a bicycle repairman. He spent 7 years in Tokyo learning to repair a car. Honda’s interest in cars led him to race cars, and in 1936 Honda was able to set a new speed record. Unfortunately, Honda had an accident and a number of bones, including the wrists of both hands, were broken, after which he decided to devote all his energy to production.


In 1937, he started producing piston rings and founded a company. But it did not succeed. During World War II, Honda helped other companies mass-produce aircraft licenses, but his misfortune was not complete; In 1944, the United States bombed his factory, and the following year an earthquake completely destroyed the facility, forcing him to sell the remains to Toyota. He founded the Honda Technology Research Institute. After World War II, in dire economic conditions, people needed very cheap vehicles. Finally, in 1949, Honda introduced its first full-size motorcycle. But the company had to wait until 1963 to launch its first car, the T360. Honda sold more than 1,147,000 vehicles in 2011.



Steven Spielberg


His genius was evident in him as a child, when he was making 8mm films. At the age of 16, he made his first independent film with a budget of $ 500; The film later became the inspiration for Close Encounters. But Spielberg also had a hard time recognizing his talents. As a young man, the Southern California School of Film, Television, and Theater rejected him three times, so he studied elsewhere, but dropped out to pursue a career in filmmaking. He won Oscars for “Schindler’s List” and “Rescue Soldier Ryan” and topped the box office with “Jaws”, “ET” and “Jurassic Park”. He would not have gotten anywhere without hard work and confidence.


Akio Morita


You may not be familiar with the name “Akio Morita”, he was born in Nagoya, Japan in 1921 and studied physics at Osaka University. After graduating and during World War II as a naval officer in the Office of Technology, he began work on completing fire detection devices and weapons and night-vision devices. It was there that he met a gifted engineer named Masaru Ibuka. In 1946, the two friends together founded the Tokyo Telecommunication Engineering Company (TOTSUKO) with a capital of $ 500 (190,000 yen) and 20 members. The company operated on the third floor of a dilapidated building in the demolished area, all of its concrete walls with deep cracks. In this way, the company was established with the aim of repairing the radio, and 12 years later, the company name was changed to Sony. Morita died in 1999 at the age of 78 after a stroke and pneumonia.


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Get to know the most beautiful rivers in Germany

Germany’s beautiful nature owes much to its rivers. The Rhine is probably the most famous river in Germany. But the country also has other beautiful rivers, a selection of which you will learn about in this article.


The Elbe River originates in the Czech Republic and flows into the North Sea at Cuxhaven, a distance of 1,127 km, 727 km from Germany. The city of Dresden is located on the banks of the River Elbe and is known as “Florence Elbe” because of its beautiful architecture and buildings.

The Elbe River has created unique nature along its course for thousands of years. The nature of the Sächsische Schweiz region attracts thousands of people every year.




The Havel River, 560 km long, originates in the Mecklenburg Lakes region and flows into the Elbe River. (Photo: Howell River crossing Potsdam City)


The 918-meter-long canal, which opened in 2003 north of Magdeburg, connects the Midtown Canal in the west to the Elbe-Howell Canal in the east.



The name of the river “Neckar” means roaring water. The source of this river is in “Villingen-Schengen”. In the university city of Tübingen, the Neckar River has a decisive influence on the face of the city. Nekar flows into the Rhine River in Mannheim.


Oder and its arteries have turned Brandenburg into a fruitful orchard in Germany. Wheat, barley, sugar beet and various vegetables are grown in this area. Large parts of the area known as “Oderbruch” are protected areas and are considered bird sanctuaries.



The Weser River is formed by the confluence of the 292-kilometer-long Vera River and the 218-kilometer-long Fulda River. The stone, erected in 1899, reads: “Where Vera and Fulda kiss, they lose their name. “With this kiss, Germany has a river called the Weser to the sea.”

Where the Weser River flows into the sea, the lighthouse has been showing ships at night for more than 150 years. The Hohe Veg lighthouse is equipped with modern facilities.



The Rhein is the longest river in Germany. The 1,320-kilometer-long river originates in the Swiss Alps, where it flows through the Rhine Valley, the Ruhr Industrial Zone, and enters the Netherlands.


The Rhine is the only river in Germany that makes the people of this country romantic, flowing in its poetry and wine, and the inhabitants of its beaches introduce themselves by the name of this river. The area has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2002.


The Mosel River originates in the mountains of France and flows into the Rhine in the city of Koblenz. Among other rivers, the Moselle is the longest river in Germany that flows into the Rhine, and after the Rhine is one of the most important rivers in the country for shipping.



The River Spree is the soul, symbol and identity of Berlin. It originates in Laurits (Czech Republic) and runs a total of 46 km through Berlin. The two tributaries of the river join in the heart of Berlin to form an island in the middle.


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