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The largest factories in the world
The World’s Most Beautiful Offices of 2018
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Most stylish celebrities

Most stylish celebrities

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Best Technologies of 2019

Best Technologies of 2019


Researchers  at the Gartner Research Institute recently announced the launch of a new and up-to-date list of Best Technologies of 2019, and then briefly reviewed each of them. According to…

UAE Passport

UAE Passport most powerful in the world!


  Emiratis have access to 167 countries without prior visa applications Abu Dhabi, Dubai: The UAE passport has jumped to Number 1 as the world’s most powerful passport on Saturday,…

be happy in life

How to be happier In Life?


A significant increase in the cost of living has made many people, at best, responsible only for their expenses,however, one should not neglect the effort to be happy in life….

The most expensive houses in the world – prices and their owners!


When you talk about the most expensive houses in the world, their owners are mysterious. We do not talk about the houses of Hollywood celebrities, but we are talking about…

famous stars

Grandchildren Of Famous Stars Who Are Following In Their Footsteps


  The children of actors, writers, or even great politicians usually act like their fathers and follow them. But what about grandchildren? The experience has proven that grandchildren are as…

best nail shape

The Best Nail Shape For Your Hands


  Selecting the proper and best nail shape is one of the challenges of today’s world in the ladies. Having some information such as: which type of nail is appropriate…

Movies to Watch

The Best Movies to Watch in Fall 2018


The Best Movies to Watch in Fall 2018 2018 to this day, thanks to the superhero films, has a good box office, but it’s not time to turn to movies…

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