Health numbers you should know if you want a healthy body

healthy body health numbers

The final purpose of lots of our attempts and hard work is to have a healthy body. But how should we know if we’re healthy from different aspects? Some health numbers can make it much easier.

We know the healthy number for our weight. So it’s easy to track the numbers and change our lifestyle if it’s required. But what about other things like cholesterol? A lot of people even lose their dears because of it. Heart attacks are one example that takes effect from the level of cholesterol, BMI, triglycerides, etc. here are some of the most important health numbers for managing a healthy body.


Make sure Blood pressure is under 120/80

healthy number for blood pressure

One of the most important factors is blood pressure. It can immediately affect us. Too high blood pressure, meaning above 120 mmHg, is very dangerous. On the other hand, too low pressure can be fatal too. As blood gets thicker, blood pressure increases which means harder work for the heart to pump it around the body. Unfortunately most of the time we can’t know if our blood pressure is high. To have a healthy body we should check blood pressure regularly and compare the result with the health number for blood pressure.


Cholesterol level for a healthy body is below 200

cholesterol level for healthy body

A healthy body needs a proper level of cholesterol. It’s vital for our body and especially for the heart. If the cholesterol level is over 200 we should be alarmed. Exercise and quit smoking are the best ways to keep cholesterol levels in a healthy range. Also, all people over 40 that diagnosed with diabetes should take cholesterol level very seriously and probably take medication (they should consult a doctor first)


Fasting blood sugar must be kept less than 100

fasting blood sugar for healthy body

Blood sugar is another important health number. In the modern world and with all the unhealthy and sugary foods, it’s not surprising to know just in the USA about 79 million people are pre-diabetic. The healthy number for fasting blood sugar is below 100 which is the blood sugar level after 8 hours passed from last food eaten. Average blood sugar. Blood sugar is also reported in percentage (percent of glucose attached to their blood cell). In that case, 4 to 6 percent is the number you should remember.


Healthy BMI or body mass index is generally 19 to 25

BMI healthy body

Body mass index is not a direct measurement but if it’s in the unhealthy range, points out there are some problems in the system. Of course, the number can change from age to age and also for males and females. Middle age people tend to have higher BMI generally. High BMI puts us at higher risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, heart attack, and even cancer! BMI is one of the most visible signs of a healthy body and therefore, means easier to control.


Keep Triglycerides less than 150 for a healthy body

Triglycerides level health number

A triglyceride is a form of fat in the blood. It’s related to lots of cardiovascular problems. But the exact mechanism is still not fully known. Simple carbohydrates like sugar, bread, alcohol, etc, can raise the level of triglyceride. We should keep the number below 150 mg/dl.


Waist circumference should be less than 80 or 94

waist size healthy body

Like BMI, it’s a very visible factor it can be controlled more easily because at least it’s something you can be aware of. The health number for waist size is different based on gender, age, and even body shape. But for men, it’s usually considered unhealthy if their size goes up from 94 centimeters (37 inches). Women have a smaller range because of the smaller body size. For them, one crucial factor for a healthy body is waist size below 80 cm (32’’).


Exercise 150 minutes per week


Adults should exercise more than 150 minutes each week. If we all do that, most of the health numbers we mentioned earlier, will automatically get in range.


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