One of the models also known as the Abai Manto is the Kuwaiti cloak manto model. These mantos usually have different designs and you can use it for daily purchases or a friendly course.


What is Kuwaiti abaya?

Abaya is a type of clothing that has been common to women in the past and is approved by many today and still a large number of these clothes are used. You may have heard the name of the cloak only for clothes that belong to a particular religious stratum.


It may be a little hard for you to believe that these clothes are not only wearable to these people but also for women, but they are.

Dear ladies of our land have a cover called Kuwaiti cloak manto that these mantos are usually not sewn in different forms and have a simple and rudimentary shape like a cloak. The abaya manto model is long and short and often has a shape similar to the shape of a cloak. The embellished and documented form of the Ababi manto is also used as a parliamentary manto.

Kuwaiti abaya manto model


The Abai manteau models are often not as tall as the Arabic manteau and their height is slightly shorter, but they are very similar to the Arabic manto in terms of size and dilatation.


Most of the time, these mantos have long sleeves, but arabic manto short sleeves and three quarters are also available. To buy such mantos, known as Kuwaiti cloaks, you have to follow many points, including the following:

Kuwaiti abaya manto and body shape

Note that Kuwaiti abayas are usually seen as loose due to their structure and shear, so if you have a full limb, they may make you look fatter than normal.

If you have a slimming limb, but Kuwaiti cloak is one of the best choices for you and you can make yourself fatter by wearing a manto. Be careful that the clothes, especially the clothes outside, should be such that the positive points will make you stronger and the negative points will make you paler.


Be sure to pay attention to your size and body shape while choosing a Kuwaiti abaya so that you can make the best choice.


It is also advisable to pay attention to height in choosing the Kuwaiti Arabic manto model. The taller you are, the prettier this dress will be in your tone, but that doesn’t mean forgetting the limit and using high heels at the same time, but it is also better to use high heels with these clothes if you are short so that you can double its beauty.


If you are tall, you will definitely be seen in this more beautiful and stretched dress.


Price of Kuwaiti abaya manto

Perhaps the price is one of the main factors in choosing clothes for you, in this case, be careful that kuwaiti cloak has a reasonable price, more high quality fabric material will definitely be more expensive.

If you are older than those who want to use Kuwaiti cloak as a dress, it is better to choose the type of manto. As mentioned in the Arabic manto section, these mantos have different designs that can be used especially in it.


Kuwaiti cloak that suits your undoubtedly has features that distinguish it from other clothes. One of these features is the use of beads and sequins and other decorative stones. If you are other than those who are interested in wearing clothes and especially like to use these clothes in mixed ceremonies and ceremonies, Kuwaiti abaya can be a perfect choice for you.


As mentioned above, the more decorated the model, the more expensive they will definitely be, and it is better that you, as the person you want to use these cloaks, consider your use in the first step.


Sometimes you may want to use Kuwaiti cloaks or Arabic cloaks for like a friendly period, so you don’t need glamorous clothes and you can use a variety that are simpler and far less expensive.

Kuwaiti cloak manto fabric


Note that perhaps the most important point in buying Kuwaiti cloaks is their sex. You may be older than those who are interested in buying high-quality goods, in which case you should be careful that the manto of your choice should be in terms of material and color in such a way that you can use it according to your needs.


Kuwaiti abayas for are usually sewn from exquisite fabrics such as harir, and you can appear as a dress in mixed by wearing them.


Height of Kuwaiti abaya manto


Note that Kuwaiti cloaks are usually sewn in a long way, so wearing this dress is recommended for people who are short, even with high heels. These clothes are usually suitable for special ceremonies and weddings for the reasons mentioned above.


Kuwaiti cloak manto color

Arabic cloaks are usually marketed in dark colors and are more noticeable among different black colors with different decorative backgrounds than others. It is best to go with you according to your needs to choose the color you want for your outfit.


It is possible that you want to make an Emirati abaya for your daily use, in which case it is better to use the right colors for the season.


Kuwaiti Arabic Manto Model Design

Note that Kuwaiti cloak is a special type of clothing that is often marketed with a single design, but you can determine your outfit design according to your use.

Kuwaiti abayas usually have different designs, especially with special decorations. Most Emirati cloaks are of the kind that are used with sequins, beads, etc. decorated.

These clothes in particular have features that distinguish them from others. The fact that these clothes have handmade decorations in addition to high quality materials makes them reasonably high.


Abai mantos are usually sewn open in front and may be even looser than your usual size. Be careful that it is better to choose arabic cloak according to your size as open front dress is usually seen looser.


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