Get to know the most beautiful rivers in Germany

Germany’s beautiful nature owes much to its rivers. The Rhine is probably the most famous river in Germany. But the country also has other beautiful rivers, a selection of which you will learn about in this article.


The Elbe River originates in the Czech Republic and flows into the North Sea at Cuxhaven, a distance of 1,127 km, 727 km from Germany. The city of Dresden is located on the banks of the River Elbe and is known as “Florence Elbe” because of its beautiful architecture and buildings.

The Elbe River has created unique nature along its course for thousands of years. The nature of the Sächsische Schweiz region attracts thousands of people every year.




The Havel River, 560 km long, originates in the Mecklenburg Lakes region and flows into the Elbe River. (Photo: Howell River crossing Potsdam City)


The 918-meter-long canal, which opened in 2003 north of Magdeburg, connects the Midtown Canal in the west to the Elbe-Howell Canal in the east.



The name of the river “Neckar” means roaring water. The source of this river is in “Villingen-Schengen”. In the university city of Tübingen, the Neckar River has a decisive influence on the face of the city. Nekar flows into the Rhine River in Mannheim.


Oder and its arteries have turned Brandenburg into a fruitful orchard in Germany. Wheat, barley, sugar beet and various vegetables are grown in this area. Large parts of the area known as “Oderbruch” are protected areas and are considered bird sanctuaries.



The Weser River is formed by the confluence of the 292-kilometer-long Vera River and the 218-kilometer-long Fulda River. The stone, erected in 1899, reads: “Where Vera and Fulda kiss, they lose their name. “With this kiss, Germany has a river called the Weser to the sea.”

Where the Weser River flows into the sea, the lighthouse has been showing ships at night for more than 150 years. The Hohe Veg lighthouse is equipped with modern facilities.



The Rhein is the longest river in Germany. The 1,320-kilometer-long river originates in the Swiss Alps, where it flows through the Rhine Valley, the Ruhr Industrial Zone, and enters the Netherlands.


The Rhine is the only river in Germany that makes the people of this country romantic, flowing in its poetry and wine, and the inhabitants of its beaches introduce themselves by the name of this river. The area has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2002.


The Mosel River originates in the mountains of France and flows into the Rhine in the city of Koblenz. Among other rivers, the Moselle is the longest river in Germany that flows into the Rhine, and after the Rhine is one of the most important rivers in the country for shipping.



The River Spree is the soul, symbol and identity of Berlin. It originates in Laurits (Czech Republic) and runs a total of 46 km through Berlin. The two tributaries of the river join in the heart of Berlin to form an island in the middle.



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