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future of shopping VR

Did you know that the first E-shopping took place in 1979? At that time, it was considered both a brilliant and weird idea. By using a computer that was capable of processing financial activities with the help of a telephone to make contact, the first step on the road to modern methods of shopping was taken. Now, with all advancements in communication, internet, and other technologies, we’re expecting to see even more revolutionary methods for the future of shopping.

Science and tech together push the limits to make our life easier and everything much more convenient. While some companies still struggle to advertise and find their customers in a traditional way, those who embrace modern tech use new methods to reach out to customers. In the not too distant future of shopping, companies would probably employ technologies like AR, VR, Assistants, 3DD configuration, etc., to attract more and more people.

Let’s take a glimpse of what shopping could mean maybe in 5 or 10 years.


The future of shopping with new technologies

e-commerce companies

Right now, any retailer who wants to grow quickly, have to start an e-commerce business. In the future, that would not be an option anymore. The future of shopping is based on tech and E-shopping and anyone who refuses the fact, won’t last long. Soon, commercials and ads will lose their effect. Even more than today!


End of Ads and Commercial era

Right now, there are a lot of people who buy their stuff online and don’t care much about all the ads they see everywhere. Today, people research deeply about what they need, compare products and prices and make sure they’re buying products from a reputable and trustworthy company. So it’s not hard to imagine that the future of shopping will be mostly based on E-commerce with fewer ads and more info and tech!


VR in the future of shopping

VR furutre of shopping

Virtual Reality or VR is a dream come true. We were obsessed with the idea for about 3 decades. And now, people can enjoy VR almost anywhere. This technology is improving day by day and many companies have invested millions in the tech.

We can use VR headsets and explore the virtual world with amazing details. Many are thinking about including VR as a method of their online markets. This way, checking items from up close will be very easy. With the help of VR, we can take a look at what we’re about to buy in detail. It will be even more interesting if hand sensors and controllers will be added to VR. So the future of shopping means it will be possible not only to check different items but to pick them and explore the virtual shopping center.


Future of shopping with AR

AR future of shopping

AR is the opposite of VR in some terms. So, instead of going into the Virtual world in VR, in AR we bring virtual items in the real world. It seems like a perfect option for e-shopping. Being able to put an item in real size in the surrounding area only by using a camera, isn’t far from reality! It already happened. Companies like Google, already are messing with AR and figuring out ways to use it widely for different purposes. Imagine you want to buy a chair or a desk, it would be awesome to see if it matches your other furniture first. That’s exactly what we would be able to do with AR. it’s hard to imagine if anyone can compete without the AR feature available for their e-commerce in the future.



Virtual assistants and AIs

amazon alexa

The modern world has witnessed a vast competition over developing AIs and Virtual Assistants. Two of the most famous examples would be Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana. Lots of other companies have developed similar AIs or other systems to help their users command and communicate to computers using their voice. Going from shopping in malls and markets to e-shopping on smartphones, draws a clear line that leads to the more convenient methods of shopping. The next step would be putting away smartphones and shopping at home! Just Call to your virtual assistant, tell him/her what you want, make a buying list and done. He/she will place items in the order and purchase them using your information.


3D design

3d design future of shopping

Some products need customization. For instance, drawers, closets, and windows are among the items that have to be customized for the customer. What suits best for these types of products is the 3D design? The future of shopping certainly will feature much more customization options for products and you will be able to design what you want. 3D design alongside AR _as another feature of future E-shopping_ would make almost any product with any design, purchasable on the internet.


3D printing

3d printed items

Considering 3D printing potential, this technology will have a special place between online markets. 3D printing is vital to take full advantage of 3d Design and AR tech for online shopping. This way, lots of different products will be added to the “3D design” products list. After designing a product by using a 3D customization interface that fits you the best, a 3D print of your design will be printed. Without 3D printing, unique designs won’t be available or will cost much more than a regular product.


As technology advances through the years, companies have to change themselves too. People are tired of all the Ads and noisy commercials all around them. Reliability, more convenient shopping and more options for products will the major attraction factor for shopping centers. If you want to stay in business for the coming years, you better start using tech or you will be overrun by those who do!


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