Matchmaking is one of the first and most important steps that are taken to start a common life and consequently on such a night, it is necessary to buy sweets for families and beautiful flowers for the bride of the beautiful woman, but is this the first and last use of flowering in the common life? To answer this question and learn about the use of flower decoration from matchmaking to wedding to the end of this article, stay with us:

Why should we use flowers?

Undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful and enchanting blessings god has cultivated on the green earth is the colorful flowers that save the eye from monotony and heart from indifference. This element of nature has a significant effect on the soul and compared to other elements, so that they even use it to treat some diseases.

So, of course, no matter how beautiful your gifts or words are, without even a flower branch, it won’t have the effect you need to make.

Flowering Principles

Before we get into the details, it is better to get acquainted with the basic principles of flowering. These principles can help you keep and decorate flowers as easily as possible.

Flowering Principles: Keeping flowers

One of the most important challenges you will face when buying natural flowers is their longevity. To extend the lifespan of flowers to the time you want, it is best to do the following:

  • Place the flowers in water immediately.
  • Cut the flower stems by 2.5 cm to help attract water to your flowers.
  • Use warm water to fully open the half and half buds.

Flowering Principles: Primary Decoration

If you are a beginner but would like to decorate the flowers yourself, you can get help from the following:

  • Before doing anything, free your flowers from any leaves and blades.
  • Use foam, straw paper, glass bottles, rabban, cloth or net.
  • Place fresher, coarser flowers in the middle and fill the surroundings with ornamental leaves.
  • Arrange some of the stems so that the size of the flowers is not too large.
  • Use your favorite flowers.
  • Be sure to put coarser and more beautiful flowers in the center of the work.
  • Try to use flowers and leaves that have the same texture, for example, if you use a rose that has a coarse texture, don’t fill it with leaves that have a fine texture.
  • Flowers usually have two forms: linear form and round form. Be careful not to forget their fermi proportions when using flowers together.


Special flower decorations for ceremonies


Considering the importance and important position of flowering in meetings and seminars, its key role for managers at different levels has been proved to attract customers’ trust and also its very positive psychological impact on the audience.

Flowering of mourning ceremonies

Flower is one of God’s most beautiful and delicate creatures. Flowers are the best gift to prove intimacy and friendship and the means to make connections between people. In the past lessons, we mentioned flowers as a means of decorating and creating beauty in the surroundings. But there are situations in human life where flowering can be a sympathetic and empathetic person in his grief and play his role as a means of expressing sympathy.

Usually the flowers used for mourning ceremonies are white. Glyle, Davoodi, Randy, Iris and White Clove are all suitable. White flowers are a sign of peace and tranquility, and when a person has sadness, they need to relax, so they use such flowers for mourning ceremonies. White or black candles and black ribbons are also used to complete the work of the layout. Black candles can be bought from milk shops.

In mourning ceremonies, we can also use the flowers of the horns as a category. For example, we decorate four flower branches with black ribbons depending on the form of a bouquet of flowers. Of course, if the ceremony is where there is no pot or other device, it is better to prepare these branches in small baskets or in the form of wreaths. Charity wreaths and artificial wreaths can also be used in funerals instead of natural wreaths.


Bridal Bouquet

All people are interested in being invited to weddings and going to weddings is pleasant for them and they complete the joy of going to the wedding by winning a beautiful flower. Every wedding loves to have a beautiful, muddy celebration. The flower is used alongside the wedding table and on the engagement table as a flower of the bride’s hand and the crown for the bride. The ancient traditions of this border and canvas have given great importance to marriage ceremonies. It may be said that Iranian culture honors the solidarity treaty for two people and the formation of a family more than other cultures. Adorning and adorning the wedding table by picking various objects, flower baskets, wreaths and beautiful flowers can multiply the beauty of the Parliament. Personal taste is very effective in this. It is usually better to decorate a natural flower in the center of the table in balls or horizontally to caress the eye of the beholder and give the table more tenderness and tranquility. Smaller flowers are usually used for engagement. Engagement flower rings are smaller and less floral. To make a bridal hand flower (in the form of a hub), we first wired the top of the yellow roses and alstroemeria so that the flowers do not spread and are placed regularly. Place the sparakus dustings next to the roses and tighten the flowers. The central flowers should be slightly taller than the surrounding flowers. Roses are taller than alstroemeria flowers and wired around the flowers. Then we place the roses around this handball flower. The hand flower should be colored with wedding tablecloths, car flowers and bridal gowns. The bridal gown is usually white or milky, but if the engagement dress is purple, we do not use orange flowers in the hand flower. But we use milky, white or lemon flowers. The shorter and winding the rose stem, the finer the work will be. We can use only roses to make hand flowers, in which case it is better to use benjamin leaves or other decorative leaves to decorate it. In this flower, we use Linda’s stems to make the work more beautiful. In this way, if the bouquet is round and balled, we put the stems around it, but if it is cascading, it will only be used in the front part of it. It is also possible to make bow tie-like broad leaves and be placed under the mud. Finally, close the stems of the hand flower with foil or satin ribbons completely. Buying and selling this type of bouquet is very common.


Types of flowers available in bouquets of flowers


Today, when all life goes to machine, most people are searching for ways to see even a little green space and flowering plants to refresh their souls, so people use flowers and plants in different ceremonies and situations. Flowers used in bouquets have very different types that are different in different countries. In the article of the best flowers for each occasion, the types of flowers and their symbols were identified. In this article we will be familiar with a number of beautiful flowers for use in the bouquet.


Flowers usable in bouquets of flowers

Roses (roses):

Rose is one of the most popular and loved beautiful flowers of all time. Different roses symbolize different things, yellow roses symbolize friendship, evolved love and happiness while the White Rose symbolizes sanctity, purity, and peace. The Red Rose symbolizes immortal love and love, and the pink rose is a sign of healing, innocence and first love.


This beautiful flower is placed in the tulip group and has 109 different types. It has six petals, and these petals are distinctly separate. Tulips are available in a variety of colors: red, pink, yellow, orange, and purple.

Orchid flower:

Orchids are beautiful and delicate flowers. They look more like an anti-flower with their geometric petals that give them an even more desirable and strange appearance. These decorative plants are a sign of love, luxury, beauty and power and are among the most expensive flowers usable in the bouquet.


Lilies are the most used flowers for funerals because they are considered a symbol of innocence and are bought as a sign of the soul of the deceased. They represent the innocence and purity of Mary.


Daffodils are golden flowers in the beauty of a long stem that means spring. The plant name is Narges (Narcissus). Narcissus symbolizes resuscitation and a fresh start.

Glial Flower:

Glycols are tall tall flowers composed of several flowers. They grow up to 1.2 meters high. Glycol is available in a variety of colors, including white, pink, purple, yellow, orange and green.


The meaning of this beautiful flower is loyalty and camaraderie. There are approximately 30 different types of flowers that can be found in different colors such as white, yellow, pink and red.

100-ton flower:

This beautiful flower is native to China. 100 Tomans is known as the flower of wealth and honor. These flowers are very fragranced and smell amazing. Peony has several different colors such as white, red, yellow and purple.

Jasmine Flower:

Yasmin Gul is very happy and is known worldwide for her extraordinary smell and beauty. The flower is originally white, although some of its yellow varieties are also found.

Flowers usable in bouquets of flowers


Flowers usable in the bouquet of matchmaking ceremonies

Although roses are placed in the bouquet of usable flowers and symbolize a lot of love and interest, they are not suitable for matchmaking, especially the first session, the orange and yellow color also have fewer fans and their choice is a little risky and the other side may not show interest in it.

The best colors for flower matchmaking are white, pink, jassi and purple, you can choose the main flower of the basket orchid is for women and it is a flower that gives women a sense of uniqueness and is always considered a luxury flower.


The second choice is The Oriental Lilium. Oriental is a large, durable and beautiful flower that smells intoxicating. Lilium Oriental is larger, prettier and more aromatic than the average Lilium. Lilium can be prepared in different colors.


Antrium is also one of the luxurious and good-looking flowers that symbolizes the care of loved ones and is included in the list of flowers usable in the bouquet. This flower has shiny and stunning colors.


Many women have a keen interest in drying flowers and keep it as a relic of the happy days of life. If you care about drying flowers, you should use flowers like roses. Use roses alongside orchids and anthurium. In suitable matchmaking baskets, flowers such as the Paradise Bird (Sterezia) or Alstroemeria are also used. You can see examples of beautiful flowers for matchmaking ceremonies below.


Examples of flowers in florists

Chelcheragh lilies

This flower is a beautiful car and gives flowers once a year and its overturned shape resembles Chelcheragh, which is why it is called Susan Chelcheragh.


Flowers usable in bouquets of flowers


Lilium Flower

Lilium is a very beautiful flower in white, pink and orange, which is used for special ceremonies.


Anthurium flower

Anthurium is a decorative flower with different colors of red, white and pink that has a very high durability.


Mary’s Flower

This flower is very fragrant and beautiful and is suitable for decoration, but it is not included in the list of flowers that can be used in the bouquet.


Rose is also known as the Queen of Flowers. This flower is used for aromatization, tea preparation, jam and many other foods.


Lisianthus Flower

This flower is one of the most popular ornamental flowers of cut branches. Its bell flowers are available in different colors.

Narcissus Flower

Narcissus flowers have white, yellow and orange colors. The leaves of this plant are grooved or smooth from the roots.


Flower Galilee

Glyle flowers have a great variety in terms of appearance and color. It is very common in wreaths.


Gul Idrissi

Idrissian flowers or hortancia are used in bridal bouquets and bridal cars and have a special beauty.


Types of flowers for bouquets

Orchid flower

Orchid flowers have a delicate and beautiful appearance and are considered stylish flowers. This beautiful flower is one of the bestselling and most expensive flowers.


Gerbera Flower

This flower is grown in the greenhouse and cut flowers are used in spring and winter. Gerbera is in yellow, red, white, pink and orange and is one of the types of flowers used in the bouquet.


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