Fastest trains in the world

fastest trains in the worldd

The railway system is one of the oldest transportation systems in the modern world. It was there even before cars. Trains have played an important role in the development of countries and are always considered as one of the fastest ways of communication and transportation. With passing time, railways have developed and their speed has been increased. Today fastest trains can travel with more than 300 Kmh (186 mph) which provides a cheap and fast traveling on the ground. But having the fastest trains isn’t something that any country can afford. Some European and Asian countries seem to be ahead of others in terms of using these high-speed trains. Let’s take a look at the fastest trains.



THSR 700T (Taiwan)

THSR 700T fastest trains

Traveling from Taipei City to Kaohsiung won’t take long as the THSR 700T can transport passengers at the speed of 300 Kmh. it only takes 90 minutes with this speed. The train has 12 cars and 993 seats in total and was in service since 2007.



Eurostar/ E320 and TGV (Britain)

Eurostar, E320 and TGV

The British high-speed, E320 and its French counterpart, travel everywhere in Europe. These trains can speed up to 320 Kmh which shortens traveling time between Brussel and Paris, London and Amsterdam to only 2 hours. In case you wonder how a train can go to England, you should know that it’s the reason they made the Channel Tunnel. The Channel Tunnel is a 50 km long underground railway connecting France to England.



KORAIL KTX (South Korea)


Although KORAIL KTX is one of the fastest trains in the world, it’s not among the newest! The Korean high-speed line project between Seoul and Busan started in 1992 and finally completed in 2004. Top speed trains travel more than 305 Kmh. however, they say the trains are designed for 350 Kmh! It seems race for building faster trains never stops and Koreans have plans to build next-generation trains with more than 420 Kmh!



DEUTSCHE BAHN ICE fastest trains in the world

The Deutsche Bahn Intercity-Express or ICE connects major cities in Germany. The ICE also travels through big cities of neighboring countries like Wien (Austria), Brussel (Belgium), Copenhagen (Denmark), Amsterdam (Netherland) and Paris (France). With more than 330 Kmh of speed, Germans now thinking of reaching London in the future.


Talgo 350 SRO (Saudi Arabia)

Talgo 350 SRO

Mecca and Medina, two holy cities of Saudi Arabia, are 450 km away and lots of travelers wish to go from one city to the other.  In 2018 finally, the high-speed railway was completed which transport travelers between the cities in less than 2 hours with about 350 Kmh speed. Since Saudi Arabia hosts many international travelers for Haj and Umrah each year, the high-speed railway system would be much help for transporting millions of people during that time.


 AVE Class 103 (Spain)

AVE Class 103 fastest trains

Siemens Velaro is a family of high-speed trains designed by Germans (Siemens). Lots of its trains are used in railway systems of Spain, Germany, France, Belgium, the UK, China, Russia, and Turkey. One of the fastest trains of the company is S 103 with a speed of 350kph however top speed limitation for commercial service only allows for a maximum of 310 Kmh. S 103 service started in 2007 between Madrid and Barcelona with about 2 and a half-hour of travel time.


The Frecciarossa 1000 (Italy)

The Frecciarossa 1000

The fastest train in Italy is developed by Italians with the help of Canadians. One of the fastest trains in Europe travels from Milan to Florence and Rome in less than 3 hours. Besides its high speed of 355 Km/h, it has a remarkable design that allows almost all the components to be replaced and thus much easier to maintain.



E5 and H5 series Shinkansen (Japan)

E5 and H5 series Shinkansen

E5 series Shinkansen has been in service since 2011 but it wasn’t until 2013 when the max speed of the train raised to 320 Kmh for traveling between Utsunomiya and Morioka. The true speed of the Japanese train is much more and can reach as high as 418 Kmh.


AGV Italo (Italy)

AGV Italo fastest trains

The fastest train in Europe is designed and built by French and is operated in Italy. AGV Italo can have seven to fourteen carriages with 245 to 446 passengers. The maximum commercial speed of the train is 360 Kmh and transport passengers between Turin, Milan, Bologna, Rome, and Venice.


The CRH380A Hexie (China)

The CRH380A Hexie

You couldn’t possibly think that china doesn’t have a train on the list!? Right? Well, it seems Chinese have the fastest trains in the world and is manufactured by themselves! It is designed to operate at insanely high speeds of 350 Kmh (cruise speed) and the max commercial speed of 380! but the original 8 carriage train was tested up to 416 Kmh! anyway, the normal CRH380A Hexie has about 500 passengers and travels between Shanghai to Hangzhou in less than 1 hour and 20 minutes.


Fuxing Hao (China)

Fuxing Hao CR400AF

Fuxing Hao is the fastest non-maglev train in the world. Two trains of Fuxing Hao have their own names. One is named Blue/Red Dolphin (CR400AF) and the other Golden Phoenix (CR400BF). Their service speed is 350 Kmh and both are able to carry 556 people Beijing South and Shanghai Hongqiao Station within 5 hours which would take more than 10 hours by the conventional railway system. However, the full potential of the train is about 420 Kmh that is recorded in 2016.


Shanghai Maglev (China)

Shanghai Maglev fatest train

The interesting fact about Shanghai Maglev, the fastest of all fastest trains in the world is that is not that new! It has been in service since 2004! Shanghai Maglev is a magnetic elevation train and as its name suggests, it’s operating in Shanghai. But the train doesn’t travel between cities like all other trains on the list. Why? Because it is designed to deal with high traffic volume between Pudong International Airport and the Longyang metro station! With a maximum speed of 431 Kmh, the train travels the 30 Km distance in just 7 minutes and each time transports 574 passengers. In 2003, the train achieved a record speed of 501 Kmh.  Shanghai Maglev was built by a joint venture of German companies.


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