Fascinating photos of Dubai’s Sunset

Dubai's sunset

Maybe you’ve heard about the beautiful sunsets of LA or Hawaii and probably Dubai isn’t on your list. After watching these photos of the sunset from 3 days ago, you’re going to change your mind. These photos belong to regular people and no filter is used to capture the stunning moment of Dubai’s sunset.

It was a rare and unique sunset not like any other sunset. The sky was so colorful and it was almost like a Photoshop in real life. Well, these are just some of the photos of the sunset that proves photographers are going to take Dubai’s glorious sunset seriously from now on.


Pink sky from over the Palm Islands


looks like the apocalypse


Couldn’t be more colorful


Can’t stop loving Dubai’s sunset!


A photo and video of the stunning sunset



That’s how Dubai’s sunset looks using filters


Beautiful sunset after long hours of work


the sunset turned everything violet



source: lovindubai.com


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