fascinating close-up pictures of animals

pictures of animals

You don’t need to send a camera into deep waters or fly above the earth to capture astonishing photos of nature. Sometimes what we need is a closer look at what is already in front of us. Paying attention to details that have never been noticed and realizing there is so much more in nature to enjoy. This is more than true when we walk into the animal world. While taking pictures of animals seems amazing in itself, attention to detail certainly brings them to a whole new level.

Here are amazing pictures and facts about the animal world, of such that you probably haven’t noticed before. For instance, have you ever noticed that cows don’t have any upper front teeth?!


Elephant’s tale (pictures of animals)

elepahnt's tail pictures of animals

Some of us have always thought an elephant tale should be like just a simple tale, something like a mouse tale but considerably bigger. That’s what we saw in most cartoons (like Tom & Jerry). Who could have thought the actual tale can be more like a paintbrush!


Platypus’s front foot

platypus feet

You may have heard about it before or seen in a documentary or even with your eyes (if you’re Australian). Platypus is found only in Australia. Having the tail of a beaver, feet of a duck and body of an otter, platypus looks nothing like any other animals in the world. To make things even weirder, you should know that they have nails attached to their duck-like feet too! If you feel uncomfortable to get close, you better trust your instinct. Especially that it’s poisonous and aggressive.


Goat’s eyes (pictures of animals)

eye of goat pictures of animals

You know that you shouldn’t look into some animals’ eyes in order not to stimulate them. Although goats aren’t on the list, it can get really weird if you look closely into their eye and realize that they have rectangular-shaped horizontal pupils!


Cow’s teeth

cows upper front teeth

Have you ever wonder why cows don’t bite? It’s just because they’re not aggressive around humans and also because they don’t have the teeth to bite! Look again in their mouth; you won’t see any top front teeth. They only can gum you! Most other herbivores are the same except horses and their relatives, rabbits, and hares.


Turtle’s teeth (pictures of animals)

turtules teeth pictures of animals

While herbivores don’t have upper teeth, turtles have none! That’s why we like to think their always old. No teeth, slow movement, wrinkled skin, and neck and a hunch back mean old to humans. So how a turtle bite? They use a pointed beak, just like birds. They also have firm ridges that do teeth work for them to some extent.


The tongue of goose

goos tounge

Most of you have already heard about the scary sharp ridges on the gees’ beak. But have you ever seen a picture of their tongue? It’s even scarier! Gees are (basically) under covered living dragons in smaller sizes. So what they do with this serrated tongue? They make sure the food will be kept inside the mouth in any circumstances.


Ostrich’s feet

ostrich toes

We all know how to paint the footprints of a bird. By drawing three or four lines joining together, that represents the bird’s toes. But remember, if you’re doing an Ostrich you just need to draw 2 lines! Cause they have one really big one and another small one next to it.



Eyes of snails


Most people think snails have a long tentacle in their heads to sense the surrounding just like most insects. While it’s not wrong, it certainly needs correction! They sense the world with their tentacle but mostly because they have their tiny eyes in them! Probably not the best place to place an eye on a normal animal! But if hiding and lurking is a habit, it’s a good strategy to have eyes like that.snails eyes


Geckos’ toes

gecki toes

How do Geckos stick to anything?! They can easily climb the walls and even stick to the roof. The answer is with the help of their feet. These creatures have tiny microscopic hairs on their feet. It’s called setae and each setae split off into hundreds of even smaller hairs called spatulae


Horses’ mustache

horse mustache pictures of animals

Growing a mustache isn’t a humans-only thing. Horses can have some sort of mustache too, which is more like Victorian mustaches. And it suits them too!


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