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A diner or restaurant (derived from the French and English word restaurants) is a type of enterprise in which food and drinks are offered and eaten there. Quality of food provided, proper serving and cleanliness and … It can play an important role in the quality of the restaurant and its good name. Diners may sometimes be part of a larger business and tourism unit, such as shops and guesthouses.

According to historians, the idea of the world’s first restaurant in France was presented by a French chef. In 1760, under Louis VI in France, Boulanger set up shops where he served a variety of soups, claiming to be very good for health and chose restaurers, which means it’s new to his shops.



So the first idea of opening a restaurant is for Mr. Boulanger. Now many restaurants around the world called Boulanger have been launched and established. Cafes were set up in France in the 1600s and quickly spread throughout Europe.



At the beginning of their activities, coffee and light drinks were served in these cafés, and people went there to eat the drinks. But after a short time, these cafes became a place to serve a variety of alcoholic beverages. Finally, after a while, today’s restaurants emerged.


History of restaurants in Iran

During the 100 years ago, people were not interested in setting up restaurants, and some people did not like working in the guesthouse and catering services in a way that Seyed Masoud Noorbakhsh writes with a passage in the history of these places:


In the first years of the last century in Iran, little attention was paid to accommodation and catering facilities. Domestic travelers were not interested in staying in guesthouses and mostly resided in friends’ and relatives’ homes. Foreign travelers and tourists were not the same number to cover the costs of these units.


The first new-style guesthouse in Iran was called “Cleaning Guesthouse”, which was established in 1942 by Mirza Ishaq Khan Moaz al-Dawlah in Tabriz.


Haji Kalantar, near Baghmisheh, on Mirza Nasrollah Alley, where the primary school and training library was later built, had a large caravanserai known as the Sheriff’s Caravanserai.


The caravanserai was awarded to Mirza Ishaq Khan, the garden goddess, who destroyed it and created a building with numerous rooms, kitchens and dining halls, and named it the “Cleaning Guesthouse”.


In a communiqué published on The 25th of Sha’ban in 1942 about the inception of this guesthouse, some points were written about the reception of guests and giving food outwards, which was generally recent at the time.


Types of dining in Iranian culture



A traditional tablecloth or restaurant is a group of restaurants with traditional Iranian environment and architecture in which traditional Iranian dishes are cooked and presented.



Tabakhi (in folklore: kalegakhi) is a type of traditional Iranian dining in which heavy and overcrowded foods such as kalleh pacheh, brain feed, language food, etc. delivered.


Daisy Serra

It is a place that specializes and professionally offers and distributes a traditional Iranian dish called Daisy (gravy). And it is usually cooked and served in crockery and glazed dishes, known as stone daisy, gravy (shurba or daisy or peaty) is one of the Iranian cuisines.



It is one of the places that generally offers Iranian and sometimes Eastern teas and herbal teas in a particular or traditional dominance such as slim waist steaks and special customs offers … Today, with the expansion of cafes and coffee shops, these places have boomed.


Chalokbabi is a place to cook and spend a variety of chelokabs and Persian stews or livers and sheep hearts and rubble.

Types of restaurants

Restaurants are often divided into two categories from the perspective of the type of customers, the price of the meals and the quality of the services available, the first category are unpretentious and cheaper diners, most of whose customers are residents of the same place or work in the same area. In such diners, guests are more likely to attend the canteen in casual clothes. The second category is expensive diners. In such diners, the price of food and services is high and depending on the customs and culture of different communities, guests attend with formal or semi-official clothing.


The restaurant’s food supply is carried out in collaboration with all restaurant staff. Providing dining services, providing menus and receiving orders from guests and serving meals to customers, delivering invoices, receiving funds and finishing sorting and cleaning tables are among the duties of restaurant staff. Cooking food is also one of the duties of cooks.


Self-service dining is a type of restaurant where guests themselves are served.

Diners may also offer a special variety of dishes, such as seafood, vegetarian dishes or special dishes from various nations. (Such as Iranian, Chinese, Lebanese, etc.)


One of the most fascinating recreations on any trip is the restaurant and eating delicious traditional dishes in that city. Eating in a restaurant and testing the taste of traditional cuisines one of the most exciting parts of any trip. In addition to traditional food, international cuisine is also served in Farsi restaurant.


When we go to the restaurant to have a meal with family, friends and colleagues, we expect to experience a good quality. Quality means both the quality of the food and the service and the restaurant environment so that we can enjoy the food and leave with complete satisfaction.


Criteria for a good restaurant

Stay with us to learn about the features of a good restaurant to make the best choice for a meal. One of the fun and enjoyable recreations for most of us is spending meals in restaurants and outdoors. In foreign countries, people usually eat outside the home during the week, but many families often go to restaurants on weekends or on special occasions to eat and have a good time. One of the important points that we consider to choose a suitable restaurant is the cheap or expensive restaurant, but we need to know that in order to choose a good restaurant, we need to consider a variety of points and issues.


There are many reasons why you choose a restaurant to eat instead of eating at home. Saving time, choosing your favorite food, getting rid of cooking food at home, variety and recreation, spending meals on travel and … It’s one of the things that draws you to a restaurant or fast food to eat. In the meantime, choosing a restaurant may not seem so difficult because in the city you deal with a variety of restaurants, fast food and diners, and you will most likely choose one of them. Here you will find the features of a good restaurant that can help you choose a suitable, quality and great price restaurant.

This becomes more important when you are traveling.


There are many restaurants in the city, but there are fewer restaurants that meet our desired features and criteria simultaneously. In these restaurants, a variety of foods are served with different seasonings and their quality and price vary. People’s goal is to go to the restaurant and pay a lot of money for an enjoyable, quality and desirable meal in a relaxing atmosphere. But if a restaurant fails to provide what the customer wants or the service and food is not of the desired quality of the customer, it can cause anger instead of having fun and enjoying the food.


This is why choosing a good and suitable restaurant to eat during the hours that require relaxation, recreation and … We’re causing us not to waste both our time and time in vain, and the cost we spend on a pleasant meal in a refreshing environment. Here are some of the features of a good restaurant and the points to consider in choosing a restaurant which we have in Farsi:


The most important and basic features of a good restaurant are the provision of high quality food.


When people go to the restaurant, they expect a delicious yet healthy food that is well cooked and the necessary standards have been applied to cook and serve it and are provided in accordance with their tastes. The appearance of food is very important and effective in terms of size, color, smell and freshness, and you should know that a leftover food will not retain its flavor and aroma. If you want to always remember the customer and become famous and lovely, you should work well on the quality of your food and never offer quality food to your customer because even a small negative point can remain in the customer’s mind forever and avoid eating in the next turn in your restaurant.



Observing hygiene

Being hygienic is the profile of a good and professional restaurant

One of the most important and influential points that drives the customer to a restaurant is that the restaurant is in a good health condition. A quick look at the restaurant can determine how hygienic it is for us, but that’s not enough. The clean atmosphere of the restaurant is the first thing that seems to us. Although the appearance of a restaurant does not indicate the desired hygiene level in it, it can greatly ease our imagination.


Observing personal cleanliness in restaurant personnel

People’s clothing

Desktops & Curtains

And…. Another feature of a good restaurant is that it should be considered.


Beautiful restaurant environment – beautiful restaurant sample

Another feature of a good restaurant is having the right space for dining and having a good time for the customer. No matter how small a restaurant, the distance between the tables should not be too close because it creates a sense of uncomfortableness in the customer, and the customer likes to maintain their privacy while dining in a public space. Relaxation during meals is one of the most important issues that the customer cares about and lack of sense of security and privacy instills a negative feeling about the restaurant. The design of the restaurant should be attractive and customer-friendly can attract the attention of different strata, both young and old. Table layout and interior decoration are other things that should be considered to set up a successful restaurant.


Suitable lighting

Gentle music

Comfortable tables and chairs

And… Among the features of a restaurant is good and convenient.

The features of a good restaurant that we have in Farsi:


-How to deal with, clothing and adornment of personnel and their attention to the customer and accuracy in observing customers’ favorites

-Restaurant atmosphere and lack of restaurant overcrowding

-Reasonable price of restaurant dishes, which is most likely one of the most important features of a good restaurant

-Restaurant menu design and providing an easy, complete and convenient menu for choosing food to the customer

-The presence of restaurant officials to rebel against customers and how the personnel work in order to satisfy the customer

-How to serve food and use suitable dishes and clean tables free of contamination

-Suitable ventilation system for not releasing all kinds of smells and fragrances in restaurant

-Proper and clean toilets



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