Facts you don’t want to know

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There are all different kinds of facts in the world. Some of them are ready to amaze you, while some may disturb you. Between all the facts in our life, whether scientific facts, political facts or whatever, there are some that we don’t even want to know about! We have built our own version of the world in our head and nobody likes to see it being destroyed by facts. But here you are, already want to know some of them! Congratulations! You dare to know the truth about the world that you may have missed.

Anyway, we’re not going to go too deep in facts; just some silly facts that you probably didn’t have time to think about.


You are stupid, mean and selfish!

mean person facts

I know you don’t consider yourself to be like that. But the fact is, some do. No matter how nice and kind you are how smart you act and how much you help others, you’re just a mean person in someone else’s mind and life story, who did something against his/her favor. But that’s ok. You can’t be good in everyone’s eyes. Just try to be nice to most of them.


Your childhood memory is a fake

fake childhood memory

Part of our childhood memory isn’t really there. In fact, we made that up at some point in our life which later, we forgot it wasn’t real! Besides that, our mind tends to change memory information every time it reaches a memory. So to sum that up, old memories are highly possible to be fake than real.


You don’t matter!

facts you're lost in the crowd

We’re not trying to decrease your self-esteem, but it’s kind of true. Think about it this way. Think about a country you have never visited, and think about a person living there. You wouldn’t even notice if he/she hasn’t existed! You’re the same for others. People pass by you in the streets and you’re just another stranger to them. No more. And just like that, someday you’ll be gone forever and no one knows you have ever existed on this planet. But don’t worry. You won’t be there to give a damn!


That’s on you!

it's on you fact

It’s time to take responsibility for what happened in your life. In a way, everything is the way it is because you’ve chosen it or you have chosen not to change it. Well, it’s true but some may argue that our whole personality is also under the effect of our environmental factors. That’s true either. See, it’s not exactly what we think most of the time. Our life is neither in full control nor completely out of control.


Starting point matters

drunk life situation

Whether you believe it or not, how you start your life and how good your situations were, are directly linked to your success in the future. While many people say it’s just your passion and effort that leads you to success, we have to inform you that it’s not completely true. Of course, those attributes are helpful but it will be much easier to reach the same thing when you have a better starting point.


People want you to succeed

jealousy facts of people behaviour

This tip seems positive, but only on the outside! Just like people around you that want you to be successful until you start being more success full than them. The opposite is true too. People don’t care that much about your problems. Those close to you do, but others either don’t care or get happy (because they feel better about themselves when you tell them your story!). Most people are like that. It’s just human behavior. Don’t get mad!

It’s enough with the human mind; let’s focus more on the human body and nature!


Spreading feces around

flushing toilet

At that moment when you’re done in the toilet, you flush the toilet to get everything clean right? Wrong. It’s more like getting everything dirty! When you flush, tiny bits of whatever is in the toilet, spread around!


Everyone picks their nose

nose picking

Despite being considered an impolite behavior, almost everyone does it. Just not in front of others. Some people do it much more which give them more chance of being caught.


Upside down relationships

internet relationships

Because of the increase in internet meetings and social relationships, lots of people see their future partner in a private place like a restroom or a private room. In the next stage, they attempt to see each other in the real world.  It’s kind of the opposite of the traditional relationships where two people would start from public areas and end up in private places!


We are helping cruel working conditions

facts crulet working conditions

For the last one, let’s say we want to give you a hint about how the world really works. This comfortable and techy world around us is a product of many cruel and unfair working conditions. Think about all the food that get ready fast and in time just for you, or the apps that seem so supportive or those low price dresses you find in the store. It’s more likely there are some people working hard for long hours without getting paid much, just to attract you and increase the profit of the owner. But it’s also possible to see this as a situation in which people have at least a job because of this cruel business.


From now on, you live with new facts in your mind or you try to forget and reset what has brought to you. And remember, these weren’t really disturbing facts. Just a tickle!


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