Eid Al Adha firework in Dubai

Eid al adha firework in Dubai

Eid Al Adha is less than a week away and everybody’s excited about the weekend. The 11th of August (9th of the Zul Hajjah) is next Sunday and one of the most exciting parts about the Eid is the celebration and its stunning firework. But Al Adha firework in Dubai is not going to be like any other holiday’s firework. Al Adha firework will only be at one location in Dubai. And that will be Festival City Mall.

dubai festival city firework

Two days of celebration with fireworks and water, laser and light shows (IMAGINE show), is more than enough to make Sunday and Monday an unforgettable weekend. Festival City Mall will be the only place to watch Eid Al Adha firework in Dubai alongside IMAGINE show. IMAGINE is Dubai Festival City’s new attraction designed especially for the Edi Al Adha celebration. Every night there will be two shows at 8 pm and 10 pm.

If you’re not convinced to stop by and enjoy the incredible night at Festival City Mall yet, maybe you will if you know it’s 100 percent free. So make sure to mark your calendar for next Sunday and enjoy the exceptional Eid Al Adha Firework in Dubai.


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