Shah Rukh Khan gets a star on Dubai Stars (Dubai walk of fame)

dubai stars Dubai walk of Fame

A few months back, Dubai decided to have its own walk of fame. it’s ready, however, lacks one thing, star! Now the Dubai Stars system has started working to find perfect stars to be added on the Dubai walk of fame.

They seem to have a list of nominees for celebrities and any other person who has contributed to society and inspired it.

Thursday, it has been announced the name of the first people who are going to have a star on the Dubai walk of the fame at City Walk. Elie Saab, Shah Rukh Khan, and Messi.


Shah Rukh Khan, the second celebrity on Dubai Stars

dubai stars messi and shah rukh khan

No matter where you live, you probably have heard the name of the Bollywood superstar, Shah Rukh Khan. The Indian actor has been a big name on the screen and off the screen since the early ’90s. Considering his fame, it would be a surprise if they decided not to add his name on the list, especially for all his efforts to encourage Dubai Tourism!

Shah Rukh Khan actually took the first step way earlier. The actor has appeared in many ads with Visit Dubai and shared his idea of loving the city. Considering all the help Dubai tourism had accepted from Shah Rukh Khan, it would be kind of disrespectful not to include him on the Dubai Stars.


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