Implanted chipset memory in the brain is going to be real

memory chipset in the brain

It’s been some decades since humans began to think about the possibility of boosting memory function. As technology advanced, we found such a dream could be a reality with electronic devices. the ideas gained so much popularity, yet it still seemed unreachable! putting a device directly on the brain seemed like a science-fiction movie idea just a decade before. but now, implanting chipset memory in the brain is said to be possible in the near future. it’s not just a wild guess! it already happened to some extent. but not in a very practical manner.


Some people are against putting chipset memory in the brain?

putting memory chipset in the brain

right now, so many firms and companies (Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk to just name a few) and are obsessed with the idea and are determined to find a way to manipulate the human’s mind. with the majority of this population looking for a method to control memory, it’s not a surprise to see we’re about to have a big step forward to make it a reality. meanwhile, a big question arises about keeping the red lines. One might ask that is our dependence and usage of technology gone too far? some say it’s a double-edged sword. just like all other advances human has made through history, this one can have favorable and unfavorable consequences too and does not necessarily mean it has to be banned. to think about the capabilities of future humans that could be the biggest leap in history, one can see that boosting memory is not something to be ignored in no way. so what do we can do with implanting chipset memory in the brain?


What are the possible benefits of putting a chipset memory in the brain?

digiral brain

One of our intentions for chipset implant is to help those with brain injury and memory-related illnesses. for example, lots of people suffer from memory loss due to old age or accidents. Maybe that doesn’t seem enough at first, but when you know patients with memory loss may find it challenging just to do daily activities, you’ll reconsider your opinion. the chipset memory in the brain can significantly improve life quality by bringing back memory or preventing its loss in the first place. but if we can put our brains data in a chipset, can we do it vice-versa?



Reading and writing memory using a chipset memory in the brain

writing memory with the help of chipset memory in the brain

experiments already proved it’s possible to put fake memories in the brain. of course, it is still not like writing a completely whole new memory, but rather a boost in its function with extra brain stimulations and activating certain parts of the brain. it’s exactly the way our brain operates to access memories through neural connections. so it’s not hard to imagine to find a way to create our own neural connection structures by using an implanted chipset in the brain. Right now we are able to perform the same with digital memories. all the data transferring through computers is actually lots of bits setting to zeroes and ones which physically means connection and disconnection of electric signals controlled by a transistor. just the same as our neural cells! amazing right? so in the near future when we can set neural connections similar to transistors in a chipset memory, we have full control over the memory. we can read human memory, download memory data, write memory and maybe even create additional back up or even auxiliary memories. but that again brings up another concerning subject. if we can write memory and read it, doesn’t it mean we can change a person’s perspective in all aspects? and if we can manipulate the brain in real time, doesn’t that mean we are able to take control of the mind?


Mind control

mind control with memory chipset in brain

while the idea of getting access to human memory with a chipset in the brain still has some years of development ahead, abusing the high tech is a subject of debate. there are still no solutions for possible disasters that might happen if someone decides to abuse the technology. the same is true about Hitler and nuclear bombs. we don’t know if Germans were the first nation to get their hands on nuclear weapons, life on earth would still exist as we know it today. with all terrorist activities, intelligence agencies spying on people, dictatorial governments around the world, etc., it’s disturbing to think if mind control under the name of chipset memory in the brain or other deceptive titles makes its way to our head one day. at least it’s what skeptical _ but not necessarily with a wrong idea _ are thinking about.


What do you think? Do you consider implanting chipset memory in the brain as crossing a red line or as a huge advancement in increasing life quality?


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